Twin Devil Concepts

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    Twin Devil Concepts

    Bah, I've been sitting around with these images in my head for ahwile, so I guess my first post here should be what I've been working on as of late.

    I've been thinking of approachign the 'Humaniod Devil' ideal a bit differently then usual from my Google whroing, addign more monstrous anatomy to them, while still keeping the parts that idenify them as 'humanoid'

    So here's the sketches of the 'twins' as I call them so far: Lillith and Belial.



    Lillith is supposed to be bigger and stronger then Belial, and Belial smaller, more compact and quicker.

    Only torso shots at the moment, because they're digitigrade legs are giving me fits to design.

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    I really REALLY like the head design, do more of the same with regards to that.

    The top pic (Belial?) has some boobie issues. They're looking ultra tight and compact. Try seperating them more and moving them down a tad. Her right one seems to be a bit larger than her left, even though the left is closer to us so you may wanna look at that.

    Lillith has some boobie issues as well; his nipples should be further apart.

    Looks good and update soon.

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