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    Help with digital comics ( resolution and stuff in particular)

    Hello everybody here is me asking questions once again.
    I really enjoy doing so cause so far I have always gotten great response here and I m thankfull for that so here´s some for ya´ll cause I coudn´t find the beer.

    Enough of that thou.
    I was always thinking about switching from drawing and inking with traditional mediums to doing it digitally.
    Mostly cause I can´t ink to save my live atleast imo.

    So yeah here´s the question.
    If I want to do a comic page digitally what resolution do I need to use?

    I m asking this cause I got different answers to how big you have to scan your original pages.
    Some told me 300dpi others said 400dpi to color it and than shrink it back to 300dpi for print and others said something from 600dpi

    So yeah I m kinda lost.
    Also I was wondering if it makes a difference when I open a document and make it lets say 3000p x 4500p but keep the resolution at 75dpi
    I m sure it makes a differnece otherwhise you wouldn t be able to choose would you???

    But some explaintaition would be much appreciated.

    Ok thats it for now as mentioned before help would be much appreciated


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    In short: if you want you comic just for the web then the DPI don't matter. You will only ne high DPI files if you ever want to print your comic. For the web the number of pixel is enough (depending on how big you want your final image to be).

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    but I want to print it too
    thats why I was asking

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    To add to Mario's point, you need to consider why traditional comic pages are drawn large and then shrunk down. This practice allows mistakes in linework to disappear. The same can be said of DPI. 300 is a good baseline, but inking it at 400+ and shrinking down might hide any mistakes.

    Play around with it. It's ultimately up to you and what your computer can handle.

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