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    Guardian - Update, almost done

    Hey, well I started posting my beginings of this guy a ways back, never got a chance to work on him some more until recently. That post was lost due to the downtime I guess. So I added some of the old post to show the changes (some drastic!) with the help of some crits from you guys I was very inspired by the look of Kimahri from FFX in case you noticed a slight similarity.

    Quick recap-this is a Guardian warrior. Come from a city perched high in the mountains of a distant land(cliche I know) in the clouds (hope to draw this landscape soon). They are generally a peacefully people, but are occasionally put to the test by marauders looking for the treasures that are supposedly kept in the city. This Guardian, named Haris L'Howeh (yep, there's a story behind it, lol) is part of the Elite Guard (hence his headwear, which is also aerodynamic. This group is extremely successful flyers and so, wear little armor, if no armor, and also because it would weigh them down. Haris carries with him a pouch of mage, filled with little trinkets to bring him luck and safety. His weapon is scarce and is not meant to kill, only to disable.

    But the on to the post! After some crits from fellow members, I changed him drastically, then added touches here and there, fixing his stance, and posture, etc. I think I am almost done. I don't think he's that great at all, but i'm proud of him! Took me a while. Want to know if there is anything else I should add/change before I attempt to color (for the FIRST time!) So and C&C would be VERY appreciated!:chug:
    Initial Sketch
    Guardian - Update, almost done
    Guardian - Update, almost done
    Guardian - Update, almost done
    Guardian - Update, almost done
    FINAL far
    Guardian - Update, almost done

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    hey Thoth037, it's looking good, the pose is nice. i find that a few spots look alittle flat (2D) like the chest area and the mask.
    try to think barrel when drawing the torso and sphere when adding masks and such to the head. i use cylinders to map out the form
    when im drawing a figure like this, helps to keep a 3D feel.

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    i like it overall but the line of semetry is not there, the dudes mask is over to one side of the face and creates a really bad focal point. he is looking good but next time map out the body features better.
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