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Thread: Ghost Train

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    Ghost Train

    This is a design for a potential album-art client, ie a band. Initially I was just playing around with some photo-manip, which is new to me, for a tshirt design. But then as it progressed it turned out to be appropriate for this band. They wanted something 'spooky', that was all I had to go on. And their name has 'ghost' in it. It has their name trailing out of the train's 'chimney', but since this is all speculative I've omitted the name for now.

    Anyway, like I said this is my first photo-manip, so some technical crit would be great. I know manip isnt really big on CA, but I imagine someone here has some tips....

    Ghost Train

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    right now, it's far too vague. Let's start with what I like. I like the orange light (is it an eye ?) on the front end of the train and I like how the rails seem twisted and surreal. If I were you I'd focus on those parts and remove the rest from the image (crop it). The top half is far too crowded with things that don't form a whole. I think I see part of the eye of a fly, a squid, some buildings and some human figures but there's no cohesion between them.

    There's a lot you can do with photo manip. Here's an example of my own. I'm also still learning mind you.

    Try not to go crazy with effects but instead piece together what you want and play around with some color changing values. my 2 cents.

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    A very useful tool that I've picked up: If you feel your image is too crowded, KISS.

    "Keep it simple, stupid!" (No offense tho =P)

    Especially with albums, sometimes less is more.

    EDIT: Good job on the spookiness though, but there are just a few too many inverted/filtered/whatever images... try editting them in different ways, like, Taking the eyes out and desaturate someone... I dunno.

    But your color choice is nice; And I am not too wise on Print, but I think in the bottom right, where there is just a bit of white, would look better plain black when it comes out in the end. But I dunno.. See what the band likes!

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