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Thread: New Artists Seeking Help Come Here!

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    New Artists Seeking Help Come Here!

    Links to some other useful threads that will help in everyones learning

    The Peer Project
    A great thread created by Idiot Apathy focusing on colour theory, lighting, form and more.

    Digital Painting in Photoshop
    Bumskee's thread about some great basics and not so basics on painting digitally.
    Don't worry it's pertinent to photoshop and painter, and the rest really.

    Ok, I have created this thread because some new members have expressed an interest in having a thread where they could help each other and be helped in their art. The whole of CA is great for this but I thought a specific thread that they could come to for more direct help might be useful.

    I will try my best to organize the thread and I will post a new topic each week to try and help people to improve.

    I know I also have a long way to go in my learning so I will try as far as possible to join in with the topics so that I can learn as well.

    Any pros or more advanced artists would be very welcome here as your experience would be very helpful to us.

    So welcome all new artists or anyone else who wants to join.

    Let the learning commence!

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    Have faith, these things should never be easy.

    New Artists Seeking Help Come Here - A mutual learning thread for learning the basics of drawing. Everyone's welcome.

    The Sketchlings

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