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    T-DOME: The Last Man Standing - FINAL ROUND

    T-DOME: The Last Man Standing - FINAL ROUND

    Almost 9 months after the round one of the Last Man Standing Thunderdome kicked off, 3 competitors from a remarkable cast of 144 have made it to this sixth and final round. Over the course of the thunderdome we've collectively produced hundreds of pieces of artwork, and each of these three competitors have created 5 stunning pieces to carry them where they are today.

    So here we are, the last battle of the largest thunderdome to hit Dan Milligan vs. steak-tron vs. Jason Chan. Who will be the Last Man Standing?

    Round I: 144 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round II: 72 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round III: 36 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round IV: 18 Competitors - 2 man battles
    Round V: 9 Competitors - 3 man battles
    Round VI: 3 men enter, one man leaves...

    Last Man Standing
    Open ended, interpret as you will guys. The only requirement is that your piece be f'n badass, and with you three there's sure to be nothing less than that.

    The official deadline stands at 11:59pm PST Wednesday, May 10th, 2006.

    Jason, being the great guy he is, has put up a free workshop tuition for the winner of the Last Man Standing dome. If you already have a ticket, you can use your ticket to bring a friend along with you. Thanks J, that's too cool of you.

    My bandwidth will commit suicide if I hosted the massive amounts of images expected, so I'll have to ask that you upload your image to your own space and send me the link to your image. You can submit your entries in link form to in the yournameVScompetitor'sname_TD.jpg format, with the title of your email yourname's entry. Size: Keep your images large enough so that the detail is preserved, but do your best to keep the file size down (Photoshop's Save for Web function can help quite a bit).

    Keep your secret weapon secret: do not post up you WIPs or Finished Pieces before the main T-DOME threads are displayed. The best part about this is seeing all the artwork for the first time side by side, don't rob us of that chance.

    Irene Gallo
    Jon Foster
    Imp Head
    Matt Dixon

    Results: JasonChan 5-1

    T-DOME: The Last Man Standing - FINAL ROUND

    It's on.

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