Hello everyone, my name is Michael Hutchinson and I am very excited to announce to all of you that my new company, Imadreams Studio Works LLC is now open for business.

We offer full film-composing services as well as concept artwork for animated films, video games, and other multimedia at affordable prices. Being an independent animation studio itself, Imadreams understands how difficult it is to find quality music and artwork for your video game or film. This is why we mainly do business with independent animation and software development houses. Whether you're a hobbyist or a team looking to do something for commercial release, Imadreams will work with you to find an affordable solution.

Because we work mainly with animated films, live-action films, and video games, we offer mostly orchestral music for our clients. However, we are capable of producing trance/techno music as well as ambient tracks.

Our character designs are all done in color, and drawn in every position so that your 3-D artists can produce accurate modeling without wasting time. And our backgrounds are done in full color (unless otherwise asked) so that the true feeling of what you're trying to express can be fully realized.

All of our work is professional and we work with our clients to ensure that they get the desired effect for their film or video game.

To see examples of our concept artwork and music, please visit www.imadreams.com
and go to the galleries section.

Any feedback is welcome.

Thank you,
Michael Hutchinson, CEO