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Thread: Death Dealer

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    Death Dealer

    This the most finished drawing I ever did.I am paying a tribute to the great frank frazetta by doing this humble piece of mine.I have only been learning to shade for a week or so,earlier I used to ink my stuff so no shading there.
    Death Dealer
    Any crits are welcome.

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    not bad. if your looking to work on shading, my only advise is to study from life. buy a lamp and some simple shapes or a wooden man, and start making different lighting situations to better understand how shadows work. in this picture, I think heavier blacks and more contrast could help(esspecialy around the face and cloth) to add to the mystique of the character. your defenatley on the right track.
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    Cool! I suggest you try your talent with Pen and Ink, draw up concepts in pencil, do the good work in ink. Start off with a 4H or 5H pencil for the rough version, do good copy in ink, shading can usually be done with a brushpen, and a little bit of hatching, cross-hatching, or whatever your preferred style. For tons of this type of art check out, you can even submit your finished products for consideration in their Rifter magazine. It's dedicated to showing off new talent (you get paid if published of course, so you really have nothing to lose, usually they write back and tell you if they don't want it so you can submit it someone later, this requires patience of course,). I'm new to this website also, so you won't find any drawings up, yet. I also suggest purchasing booktitles or borrowing one from a library about the concepts of Eisner and others, I will inform you just about all you need to know. Dedicate as much time as possible to your new craft, inside of trying to find out what's on T.V. And seeing as your a fan of Franzetta, maybe Boris also, I suggest hunting done the animated movie title Fire and Ice It was done in the 80's, very cool.
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