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Thread: how to do ?

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    how to do ?

    hi everybody,
    I downloaded the painter 8 demo. I didnt know this software and i am a bit lost in all those brushes.
    I really like the way i can paint and mix colors in the mixer but the problem is that it is not used to paint... too bad....
    So i would like to know if there are two brushes that work like the tools in the mixer called "apply color" and "mix color".
    And if not , how can i create it in the brush creator ?



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    Use any simple flat color brush to apply color, then choose one of the Blenders variants to mix.

    For example (and you may find a combination you like better):

    Open a new white Canvas.

    Use the Pens' Flat Color variant to lay down the colors you want to blend.

    Use the Blenders' Detail Blender 3 or Detail Blender 5 (they're the same brush variant only one is a tiny bit larger), and adjust the brush size as needed using the "]" key to make it bigger and the "[" key to make it smaller. (If you hold down the key, you'll see the brush ghost (cursor) change size continuously until you let go.)

    When you have all of the colors mixed, in the Color Sets palette (Ctrl/Command+3), click the left icon at the bottom of the palette and choose New Color Set from Image.

    Save your mixing Canvas so you can mix more colors, then create another New Color Set from Image if you want to update the previous one.

    Happy Mixing!
    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
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    Jin, i dont think aymeric asked for that ...

    he was speaking of the brush used in the mixer palette, how come that no brush INSIDE the brushes categories behave the same way that the mixer brush does ...

    i mean, this brush inside the mixer palette, is really excellent ... and corel created it to be used in the mixer palette, but did not add it inside the main brush sections.

    I tried various tweak and experimentations, but no methods get me the same brush. this mixer palette brush use some new behaviour still not seen in painter, and imho it is one of the most realistic digital brush i have ever seen ... but we can only use it to mix colors in the little color mixer ... what a shame

    if you examine this brush closely, you will see that it uses some weird new method, a mix between a pattern brush, a captured brush and a palette knife ... where paint is applied int he beginning of the stroke only and acts like a blender in the end of the stroke.

    if you know where this brush is hidden in painter, or how to reproduce it exactly, please help us

    aymeric : as for the brush used to blend in the mixer palette, it is simply a palette knife (not the loaded version)

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