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    Artist Block

    I have difficulty focusing on projects. Finishing something is rare. They mainly end up as sketched out doodles. Has anyone had this issue? I lose interest in them quickly because I guess I don't have a clue where Im going with them.

    Somewhere - it mentioned starting with an idea or an emotion you're trying to convey to the audience. Gave it a go - but I usually bottom out rather quickly. Just curious if any one has gone through this? Sounds gushy.. but damn - has anyone had an issue feeling satisfied with their artwork?

    Here's a few. Ripp'em apart!! Sharing your experiences with artist block might also be helpful!

    Artist Block

    Artist Block

    Artist Block

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blahism
    has anyone had an issue feeling satisfied with their artwork?
    only every time i draw or paint something. to me there seems a lot of potential for expansion in what you've posted; add a body, create a context, push yourself to complete one of them (the third looks particularly intriguing to me). it may not result in an earthshatteringly great image but you'll have the satisfaction of having finished something, and will have practiced chopping away at your artist's block. you can learn to overcome it the same as you learn to do most anything else, by doing it again and again.
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