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Thread: A poll... sorta

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    A poll... sorta

    I was just wondering. you see a lot of "concept art" come through these forums, and every time i look, at my own or others, I can't help but think "What is original anymore?". So I pose this question to the community. There is no doubt whatsoever that every member of this community who works as hard as they say they will is, or will turn out to be very talented, but I just want to know. what is cliche, and what is classic nowadays? I dunno if someone has posted a thread like this before, but it's simple, and i'd really appreciate some feedback on this. Just post a response with a couple traits in an average "concept" picture that is cliche and boring, and a couple things that you think is classic and is worth the homage/rememberance of being used often in sci-fi/fantasy art.

    I'll start this show:

    I remember seeing someone mention this in an earlier thread where someone asked everyone to post their "unanswerable questions" and one person replied "why are all girls in sci-fi bikini babes with giant mechanical boots?" or something like that. So that is my first cliche, hot chicks with giant mechanical boots. And the second? Elves/orcs, plain and simple. There are some pretty badass variations of the afore mentioned, but overall the orc/elf thing needs to be put back on the shelf for a while.

    Classic is the depiction of futuristic warriors resembling ancient/medieval warriors - to an extent. It can, and definately has been a bit overdone (something which I am guilty of, and want to change), but done correctly, or sparingly in a single piece it can produce osme outstanding concepts, I think.

    Hope to hear from everyone.
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