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Thread: CONCEPT ARTIST wannabe. Need help.

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    CONCEPT ARTIST wannabe. Need help.

    Hello ConceptArt! I've been working as a graphic designer here in the Philippines for a year now and I want to move into the world of Concept Art for games, movies and the like.

    The gaming industry is just starting out here in the Philippines, and I've recently applied for Flipside Games. But they're not impressed with what I showed them through email, coz I'm not getting any response. It would be great if I could get some tips from you guys on what to do to improve my chances on getting hired as a concept artist in the future. I dont really have anything on my portfolio yet that gives a hint that I even wanna be a concept artist. I've just recently started practicing and improving my craft.

    Here are a couple of questions to get this started:

    1) How should my portfolio look like? Should I put in only concept art or add a couple of finished illustrations in there too?

    2) What are the varieties that I can put in there? Do they like robot designs as opposed to magic and swords?

    3) And if ever I do get an interview in the future, what kind of tests should I prepare for? Speed paints? Redesign your favorite character?

    4) I've been a graphic designer for a year now for a wedding/advertsing photography studio and have been doing book illustration jobs, web design, and Flash 2D animations on the side for different clients. Which of these would help me in pursuing a position as a concept artist?

    5) What 3d program(s) should I start practicing on that'll help me get a job as a concept artist?

    Man, I think a job as a concept artist for movies, games and stuff like that is the coolest job in the world. I want to pursue a career in it. Your tips will help me greatly.
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    If this is college, you want tons of life drawings. As for jobs, I suppose it depends to whom you present.
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    Hi, nice to meet you here. I'm in similar situation with you, I've been learning visual art for 2 years. I'm doing my portfolio and going to get in the local (hong kong) game industry as an artist.

    This's what i found on, hope this helps
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    Pixeldragoon: It's a job thing. Yes you're probably right. It does depend on the kind of company I'm applying for. Will look more into the kind of works they're looking for. Thnx!

    mycham: glad to know that I'm not the only one struggling with this. Except I dont think I have it as bad as you. The game industry aint as competitive here as it is compared to other countries coz it's only starting out. But competition's great man. It'll force you to grow. And this is the coolest job in the world man, so the struggle's worthit. I heard that Syd Mead is contracted to work on the Sports Complex in Dubai, UAE. That's how broad the market is for a concept artist man, as long as you're creative and inspired, you can probably design anything and everything they throw at you. Wow. The thought's just inspiring. Anyway, the link you gave me's just great man. Thanks for sharing that, now I know where to start
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