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    Question Pressure Sensitivity?

    I have two problems in Painter 8 which seriously disturb the results of my colourings .
    I am using a Tablet and have been drawing in Photoshop and Open Canvas for a long time now , my problem is with Painter that when I draw a line, its just straight , as if I'm not even using a Tablet ,someone tried to explain to me once how to put the pressure sensitivity , but I still don't know , I've used Painter for about 3 or 4 times now ,and I have it for over half a year, I've seen some of the artworks people made with Painter and was really amazed , if only I knew how to use this progrem a little better that would have been great.

    My other problem is that with such a huge selection of brushes I'm not quite sure which brush to pick , I mean, if there's a specific brush which works the best for..Lets say..Colouring skin? or hair?


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    To paint Straight Line Strokes, click the V key. Then, to paint Freehand Strokes, click the B key.

    To paint thick and thin brushstrokes based on Pressure, go to the Brush Creator, Stroke Designer tab's Size section. Below the Size and Min Size sliders, make sure the Expression option is Pressure. Adjust the Size and Min Size sliders to get the range of thickness and thinness you want in your brushstrokes.

    Painting skin, hair, or anything else can be done with lots of different Painter brush variants. The only real way to know what brush variants you'll like using is to test all of them, experiment, and practice until you find what you want. It'll be time well spent if you set aside the time needed to do this.

    Also, spend time reading the User Guide or Help > Help Topics. You'll find lots of information on brush categories, brush variants, brush controls, and textures, all of which will help to answer the two questions you've asked today and many more you'll ask later.

    Please do not PM me with Painter questions. Instead, post them here where everyone can benefit from them. Thanks!

    Jinny Brown
    and The PainterFactory

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    Thank you very much!! It works great now . *Insert huge smiley*

    As for brushes ,well , the thing is ,I'm very inexperienced, I've seen that the Just Add Water Blender is very useful and reccomended , but for hair ,or the Brush i'm supposed to use before blending skin , I just don't know , I'm looking for tips I guess

    Pressure Sensitivity?

    That's basically the only colouring I managed to achieve , and I don't want to get these results

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