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    paying for art school...

    how the heck do you do it?! 25,000 a year for 4 years?!
    I really want to go to MICA, Ringling, or Savannah (also been hearing a lot about this Rhode Island place... but it's 30,000 a year!)... how do you pay for it? I know there's student loans and all... and grants, though much of that is from state, fed grants are very little... can't get state grants if the school is in a different state (and I live in PA, no good art schools in PA).
    Let's say I get 7,000 in scholarships (which is unlikely), then I get grants (probably about 500 bucs), then I'll ONLY have to come up with 16,500 bucs! I don't know of any bank that will give a freshly graduated high school kid 16,500 bucs. Or do they?
    I don't know how I'll get enough money. My parents only make 39,000 a year together, and I also have a brother in college. They will be able to contribute MAYBE 1,000. MAYBE.
    but dangit, I don't want the fact that my parents don't make much money to hold back my dreams, ya know?
    So, how did you guys pay for your schooling?

    sorry if this all reads like jibber-jabber. It's gettin close to 3 AM and I'm really tired.

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    My best teacher was at a community college in arizona...39 bucks a class...surely you can afford that kind of thing.

    you just need to find a good teacher...and a place to a little name it.

    i honestly learned more from my comm college teachers than any at ringling...I was fortunate that way....but that school didnt have any connections to employment so if you go that route then you will have to do your company research on your own.

    first year art school is a joke anyhow...crunch course through about three years of foundation material in one year....just go to a good comm college art class...if you feel like you are learning then stay there until you soak it all in.

    a couple years there may get you scholarships....

    I just brought in three interns for our company...two did not finish art school at all...just talent...and drive...and the will...

    good luck


    PS i spent 3 and 1/2 years at a comm college...aint nothing wrong with that...I spent that long and still did not learn my teachers entire program he had written...I repeated classes over and over even though I got A's...I wanted to get good at it and was in a good place to do it.


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    I think the most important thing is drive and to immerse your self with good teachers and friends who are serious about art. You can get that from college or you can look for it from various workshops on your own.

    I met a lot of my good friends in the industry by taking workshops with the same teachers or sneaking in class in at different colleges. If you have the talent and drive usually teachers don't mind for people to sit in just to take notes. I use to set up benches at WB's workshops so I can take notes from their figure drawing classes.

    Usually, from the word of mouth of local artist you can track down good teachers around your area.

    Here are some outside scholarships that might helped you out on budget:

    Stacey Scholarship Fund

    Elizabeth Greenshields Foundation

    Good luck!!

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    I am at Savannah and most students here are on loans, and they are out of state.

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    I get Financial Aid from the government. I'm not quite sure how much I get... but it depends on your parents' yearly income.

    But you can't rely on Financial Aid alone. A lot (if not most) get one of their parents to take out another loan to cover for everything else.

    See if your school has a work program thing, also. I'm not really sure what it's called... but the school finds you a job, either with the school or with someone else, and part of your pay goes towards your tuition. I'm not sure if this is really a good idea... you probably wouldn't get enough sleep. Loads of school work + work = AHHH NO SLEEP.

    You can try out community colleges, too, and look into their art program. Often times.. the quality of the work can reflect how good the program is.. but not always. How much you learn really depends on how pasionate the teachers are about what they're teaching.

    I hope that helps and good luck.

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    It can be VERY stressful trying to find money for school...

    The year I graduated my mother just barely grossed 11 grand... and I got almost NOTHING in finacial aid... maybe two grand. I was a straight a student with a 3.97... and I only got one scholarship... ($500 a year for four years)...

    So I know what you're going through... I got some of my loan money from a stafford loan and the rest through Sallie Mae ( They have what are called alternative loans... You need a cosigner your first year... and if your credit is good enough you could possibly sign alone after that...

    It's a frustrating situation... I know a lot of kids far weathier than my family who recieved more aid than I can imagine... And taking out $100,000 in loans is a lot to have hanging over your head... BUT the most important thing to remember is that it's an INVESTMENT in YOUR FUTURE... It may seem like a lot of money now... but if you work hard and make use of the education you recieve it will all pay off...


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