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    Exclamation Fun Competition

    As the title implies this is a competition I'm having. The competition tests the artists creativity to pretty much create an image out of nothing. Here's how it works. I put up a description of something that I want drawn. I give as many details as i can possibly give. After the idea is postes, artists are to create pictures of what they think the description would turn out as. The winner will be selected based on what I see to be the closest match to the description. If you please you may add extra details beyond what I described so long as the original description is not changed in the process. This competition if for FUN. The reward is simply that your art WILL be recognized as good. I applaude any and all who attempt this challenge. It is greatly appreciated and should be fun for everyone. Now I shall give you the first description of the competition. (Note: I will be extremely detailed, also WHAT the description is...uhhh....describing can vary from characters, creatures, locations, etc.)

    Name: Sargathun
    Gender: Male
    Height: 5"8 (Tall for people who can't make an exact measured person)
    Weapon of Choice: Curve-Meld (Cursed Sword)
    Weapon Description: A pitch black sword and (as the name implies) is slightly curved as it progresses from the hilt to the tip. (I MEAN SLIGHTLY!) The sword is said to kill an innocent by a magical...misfortune AS WELL as its marked target. You are welcome to decorate the sword with as much detail as you like. The sword has a slight red tint along the edges.

    Character Description: Long black hair, Grey Eyes, Is somewhat tanned (from constantly fishing in his childehood), Clothe choices lean toward blue and black mixes.

    If you need MORE details just ask but be sure to specify WHERE I need more details at.

    (All submissions should be drawn in a "Final Fantasy" esque style.)

    I hope you enjoy this competition. I can't wait to see what you guys can pull out of your hats!

    Please note that by reading this post you sign a contract to not use this idea outside this topic without my permission...and likewise, I may not use your ideas without your permission. Thus, It is an even trade.

    (Also, I couldn't figure out where to put this type of thread. If its not in the right place right now...please point me where I SHOULD post it. Thank your for your cooperation and understanding.)

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