Sketchbook: Chisa's Happy Place - updated 25 June
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Thread: Chisa's Happy Place - updated 25 June

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    Chisa's Happy Place - updated 25 June

    Hookay, I'm another one of those people who have been lurking around here a bit, a little too timid and intimidated to post. After taking a look through people's sketchbooks and seeing how supportive everyone is and how much people have improved here, I'm going to take a shot at this sketchbook thing.

    Little bit about me
    I'm a 20 year old Australian computer science graduate, currently working as a web/graphic designer. I started attempting more than simple doodles about 8 years ago, but unfortunately began by looking at anime tutorials and developed the bad attitude and habits characteristic of noob anime artists. Since then I've realised my limitations with my poor understanding of anatomy, but never had the time to do much about it. I still don't really, but I'm willing to sacrifice a little sleep for it. I don't think I'll pursue fine art as a career since I'm happy with what I'm doing, but I enjoy it and it would definitely be useful and complement my current work.

    I haven't studied any art formally and can't at this point... so I'd be grateful for any advice you can give me on learning on my own.

    Currently working on:
    • figure drawing, from Loomis' "Figure Drawing for What It's Worth"
    • shading... damn shading...
    • drawing people from references
    • not accidentally stylising things
    • facial anatomy

    So, on with the show!

    Some quick tiny studies done while on the bus, without reference and still fairly anime~ish:

    Started reading 'Figure Drawing For All It's Worth' since it seems to be recommended and mentioned a lot around here. I like Loomis' writing style, and he seems to really know his stuff.

    Further on in the Loomis book, doing some quick sketches... are they called gestures?

    Tried to do a self potrait based on an old photo... I can seem my anime influences in places, need a lot of work here.

    Finished work from a few months ago. Had help from a few artists who were kind enough to do some red line drawovers on this one, so I think the anatomy is a little better than what I'd usually come up with.

    I guess I'll keep reading this book and do some more gestures(?) and post more soon!

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