I have worked professionally for over 10 years as an illustrator. My career has allowed me to work with a number of high profile clients within the print production industry. My site has an in depth client list, that also has examples of work I did for the mentioned companies.

After 9/11, I lost a staff job that I held for 4 years doing this sort of work. Because of this unfortunate hurdle that interrupted my career, I decided that a long awaited change was needed. So I buckled down and worked night and day to retool my portfolio to resemble one of a concept designers. I found some influential commissions from some, yet again, high profile clientele... such as Microsoft, Electronic Arts and Origin. The one drawback is these companies are nowhere geographically relative to me here in Jersey.

Now to get to my point of this thread, and to stop babbling.. I am ready and willing to relocate to "whereever" if someone out there is in fact interested in me!!! I do dishes, but no windows!!!!

So in my efforts to find work, generate interest, use my computer way too much, I have completely revamped my site... (it may be shocking to those of you who already had the opportunity to see my old site) but nonetheless, here it is, take a look.. and by all means offer any criticism you may have...

I am a self taught web designer, so I probably suck at it... but all in all, up and down and round and round.... any comments are definitely welcome.


thanks a lot

I'm also interested in beefing up my link list, so if anyone out there had any interest in link swapping, (your link on my site for my link on your site, situation) I'd be glad to.....

Bob Steinman