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Thread: Dile: The complete edition 2006 - 2012 (with some spam in '13)

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    damnit, i told you about the sudden burst of asspat!! i warned you!!!.
    now i'm 1003..bah!. well i can say i'm bronze in a new era
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    yo dile. what going on? just chill. There will always be single star ppl no matter where u go. its a part of life. You just gotta understand that they are trying to drag u down with them. you and everyone else know ur worth more than that. the only rating that really matters is the one u feel u deserve. and the one u want to deserve. So breath big, and stay positive my friend. ur an artist, and artists thrive off positive creative feelings, moments, and inspirations.

    on a personal note i wish there where no stars at all. i find them counter creative. sure they motivate, but they tare down aswell.

    If u wish tho, go ahead and make it an obsession. mabey ur the kind of person that propels off that kind of stuff. those kinds on ppl do exist. anyhow, just makin sure a friend is still in touch.

    Those last sketches look pretty decent. just try and establish ur lines a little more. find the flow and rythme. fight the jittery line made up of many lines. use more permanent media to build confidence. but wen u use it dont hold back, do a million shitty thumbs. or do studies with a sharpie. try and find the longest lines and hit them down first. even if they arent all together or not lining up right. that car is a great example... actually the warm up squiggles all around it. thats great. for every good drawing there are a hundred shitty ones.

    if u got any questions or next time u need to vent just pm me. Im cool with that. alright peace dude.
    OBX - drawing a.d.d.
    The art of Joel Hladky

    -Fear is the enemy of Imagination - Andrew Jones-
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    Hey man. Whoah, dude, it's just a star. Everyone is entitled to an opinion.
    Anyway, nice job on the hand. The good thing about hands is that reference is never more than a foot or two away. If your going to go for more realism, remember that knuckles go at an angle, not a straight line.
    I'd also like to see more faces. Maybe some SP's?
    Keep it up man!
    Daily Sketchbook
    All comments welcome!

    ProtoSSG: Cup-of-Joe ~ Kitsu ~ White Rose ~ Afgal

    Other SBs - ShiroNami - Leadster618
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    yeahah, that last pencil sketch is freaking awesome!.

    hope to see more of that soon! plzz dile. would you do us that fav.?
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    Good to see you're keeping the pencil moving Dile!! Good work way to keep it going man your form and structure is improving keep it up Dile!!
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    why are you so angry? you got 4 stars ... and your stuff aint 5 stars yet imo.

    i got a one star rating lately aswell that brought me from 5 to 4 stars ... and know what? im glad cause my stuff aint worth 5 stars neither.

    dont care as much and have fun seeing yourself evolve. cheers
    newest sketchbook
    oil paintings

    "Have only 4 values, but all the edges you want." Glen Orbik
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1000th, thanks guys!

J a k e: Thanks!!!!

: I think thats a good idea, and hopefully NO problem if i name em here, right? maybe i should ask just to be on the right side


Joseph Kerr: Dude, thanks!! Its VERY nice to hear those words, im so thankful! and its great to hear! man, I would love doing art colloborations with people, but its hard...noone seem to want.. maybe its just me...
Thanks for your words overall! I will think more on the values, thanks!
Keep it up dude!

Blanquish: For you my dear..

Bhanu: Thanks !!

Miguelslo: Oh, I thought i had it ? haha thanks!


: Thanks mate, I will, thanks for your support man! always appreciated!

Pawlack: You like skulls dont you ?
Thanks dude!

TheGnoll: whoa, thanks.. but since your post was mostly bout slowing down... I just say that I CANT dude.. sometimes im in drawing mood sometimes not.. When I am, i draw Thanks dude!
Oh, and thanks for post 1000th

Recursive End: THanks man! glad to hear from you!

Asoir: Thanks mate!

Madcat: I let you be my 2000th if that comes
Thanks for your support man!

Obx: Thanks for all writeing, im short on time as always , and will try to reply to you properly later! Thanks alot man for the support, glad to be your friend

Cup of joe: Dont worry about it. thanks!!!

Ashrumm: THanks and keep it up fellow SSG'er

Sone_One: I have to explain : Im not angry, its just that if someone rate my 1 star, and write a long comment on WHY this person did it, and some sort of explaination on what to practise on to solve it, then I would respect his opinion and work my ass off to make him/her to change his mind.
If someone , like the case is now, that the person is just "hit'n'run" like in several other sb's DC's, fellah's andrew's and mentlers to just name a few of the 5 star and greatest sb here on ca.. then i cant respect it and have to say that the guy who did it IS an asshole.
I'll try to keep at it THanks!
Edit* hm, I dont see my self as a 5 or 4 star guy, thats for sure, im somewhere aroudn average imho, I just want the reason for someone, the guy
or guys who rates me down to do so...if they have.. then make sure to post that, and make the post long

Dile: The complete edition 2006 - 2012 (with some spam in '13)

older one, from the "forgotten" sketchbook:
Dile: The complete edition 2006 - 2012 (with some spam in '13)

Dile: The complete edition 2006 - 2012 (with some spam in '13)

Dile: The complete edition 2006 - 2012 (with some spam in '13)

1 hour speedpaint :

Dile: The complete edition 2006 - 2012 (with some spam in '13)

Thanks for your support as always guys! I'll try (if i havent) to get around to your sb's as soon as i get time, i've started 8th grade now, and yeah, I get MARKS for how good i work and so on..I heard alot of that talanted artist dont need good grades, and that they can live on their talent in best cases..
hm, however, i want an insurance and something to "fall back on" if something happends.. I hope not though, and school marks is good to get into some
"fancy art school" when i get older I gotta have good marks

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    whoa, the new update

    Dile: The complete edition 2006 - 2012 (with some spam in '13)
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    hey there! made me smile when you said that you "forgot" a whole sketchbook. really shows your enthusiasm and your hard work, i think. enjoyed that drawing of your desk a lot, like the different values - your creatures are as always great to see. anyway, i second cup of joe: your faces still need a little work, self portraits would be great for that, i think.

    and btw: school IS important and having a "plan b" never hurts, i think.

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    hey there dile
    That speedpaint is fan-bloody-tastic
    terrific stuff.
    Your pencils are getting better, but are let down by your rendering
    To this i say experiment.
    Try various pencils, and so on.
    To better your rendering, do some ref stuff, because thats really how you learn.
    keep going mate, and the best with school(although I hear Swedens have A LOT of holidays, like twice as much as i get, so your really quite lucky)
    improvement in the last post.
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    your spead paint is crazy fella, always watching you but never said anything.. your at a great age for learning. younger people tend to learn things faster than adults ( somthing to do with the brain and what not..) so you are advancing really fast, all i can say is keep your head down and keep at it!
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    Nice update dile, good to see those pencil drawings, keep those coming, mix it up with anatomy studies. keep it coming.
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    Aye, wonderful new update, getting better and better, keep it up. That last environment speedpaint looks fantastic.
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