OK, giant response post!
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both are great pieces. my only crit is on the boat one.

the boat is painted well, but its a bit bare. Where are the chests, coils of rope, and paraphernalia of sailboats?

love the wave its on
Mike, thanks for the kind words. The bareness of the ship is actually a point in the story, the storm is so bad that everything (and everyone) gets washed overboard. The three main characters only survive because they tie themselves down.
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awesome paintings tristan, the snake one is fabulous. what was your timeline on these paintings?
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Wow, those painting are spectacular!
Awesome job on the waves and the sail in the first, love the rendering on them.
And everything in the second one is just pure eye candy.
How long did these take you?
Thanks for sharing, very inspiring, *****.
Thank you both. Publishing deadlines tend to be fairly generous, so I had a few weeks to a few months for all of these. It's hard to keep track of exactly how much time is spent on an individual job because I'm usually working on several things at once, but actual painting time (not counting research, reference gathering, shoots, sketches, prep work, etc) ranges from a few days to a week or two.
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beautiful work sir. thnx for the inspiration.
Right back at ya', chief.
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These paintings are all excellent, and I'd kill to be able to paint like that.

I wanted to compliment you on something else though. I dig that signature symbol of yours... The Tau Alpha Epsilon.
Pretty straight forward as far as initials go, but the arrangement is classy, and it gives your paintings an even more refined appeal.

Nice work on that
Glad you like it. It's something I came up with when I was a teenager, based on Tolkien's JRRT monogram. Even though I don't use my middle "A" in any professional capacity, now I'm stuck with it .
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Boy oh boy, so this is what your work looks like! This is the first time I've seen this thread (being a little bit newbie still) and it's a real pleasure to look at. Quiet yet confident, strong but with a sense of humility and all the pieces make their statement without overstatement, generally avoiding melodrama. The 'night cat' and the 'fire horse' are my favourites among the work here, all of which is marvelous to look at.

In a general sense I'm going to pay you the highest compliment I can: Having seen this, I think I would know your work almost anywhere - and what is more, (and rarer), this is not achieved by gimmicks, subject repetition, colour schemes or deliberate quirkiness of intent. It's something deeper, down in the 'DNA' of what's happening and is a product of a heartfelt caring about what you do regardless of doing it for a living - someone who really understands that you cannot bullshit your muse.

Beautiful work.
Gee, Chris, now you've got me all flustered .
Fortunately there's this to keep me in place.
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OooooOOOooooo! Thank you for sharing! I'm loving the old-school iguana-t-rex dragons! I may have to pick up one of these books now.
Yeah, those are definitely big mean scary lizard dragons, not the elegant fantasy type. The books are pretty good, which is always a nice bonus.
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I just discovered this whole thread. All of the paintings are great as usual. It's interesting how many of the the crits can be explained by the influence of layout considerations, story considerations, changing input from an AD... etc. that most of us are unaware of as 'parameters' affecting the outcome of the piece. As a non-pro I learned a little in that.

Also, last month I saw for the first time your technique demo. I switched after my Sophmore year, on the fly, from the business school into a finearts program that wasn't showing us anything like that, or much else regarding technique, process, materials, presentation.... Lesson in life: Choosing your art school based on the university's business program is not the best recipe for success. I imagine SVA is pretty fantastic. Anyway, I would have killed to see something like that when I was student and I thought it was very well done and valuable.

One more. Personally, I like your sketches and and studies (as sketches and studies go) almost as much as the finishes. I think you mentioned on the ISpot a few years ago that you don't do much personal work due to time interests but I wonder if there's a sketchbook with more of those somewhere. It's always interesting to see a persons draftsmanship when you're already familiar with thier finishes.

Again, nice stuff,

Hey Bill, long time no see. Stick around here, I think you'll like it. I don't have much else in the way of sketches posted, but maybe I'll try to get some more up.
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Say, you did the cover for Tooth and Claw, right? I read that book when I was travelling a long while ago and I really loved the cover, but didn't bother to look up who did it... (Eheh... Sorry)

And then I came upon this website.
And saw it was you.

Your work rules!
Thanks a lot! For everybody else, here's the piece in question (speaking of elegant fantasy dragons):

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