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    your job interviews

    Please excuse my ignorance if a similar post already exists, I tried looking for one, but was unsuccessful.

    I've recently completed my concept art portfolio, (to a level which is acceptable for job application), and am hoping to get some interviews in the gaming industry with it.

    I've never applied for a position as a conceptual artist, let alone in the gaming industry, I was curious as to what sort of questions to expect and how the interview should be approached?

    Perhaps we can compile a list of questions that CA'ers can use to prepare themselves for interviews. Isn't selling yourself as respectable, possible employee is just as important as selling yourself as a talented artist?


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    hey romance

    I've done interviews for 3 different game companys (animator positions), and here are 2 questions they've all asked me:

    What are your faviorte games?
    What experience do you have in the past that shows that you will perform well here?

    The first question... I think they just want to know how up-to-date you are in the gaming world, and how deep your roots are in gaming. I answered (truthfully) that I currently enjoy Resident Evil 4, Mario Strikers, but also my childhood faviortes as Super Metriod and Secret of Mana. One of the companys that interviewed me pigeon-holed me as a "nintendo guy" (they were making PS2 games). I doubt that's why I didn't get the job , but just be honest.

    The second question... about your experience... is more important. Just tell them about your previous job experience, how you were promototed to Lead BG artist at your last job, and how you were able to perform well under intense deadlines and manage a crew of other artists at the same time. Your portofilio will speak for your talent and that you're the right person for the job, because your portoflio already kicks ass.

    I suppose, just be truthful and carry yourself professionally.

    G'luck man.

    EDIT: It's also a good idea to do a little research at the company in question. You can talk about the companies history, the games they've made, etc... It really impress the bosses if they're interviewing a guy who knows a lot about the company (only bring up the good stuff, not the bad stuff, silly!).
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    research you say... not a bad idea. Was thinking about it, now I definitely do it. Thanks Parker D, you rock!

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