I think it's time i proper introduce myself.

I'm Bert VW and i live in belgium were i'm studying at the Kask school at the art academics. I'm doing the course animation film, now in my second year...

I love the freedom i experience off drawing and i love getting to see it come alive!

I started drawing since i was like 7 yrs old but just did it for fun back then, it became more serious when i was around 14 yrs old. Every school bank i used to sit at was drowning in drawings... had alot of problems with the head of my school, kicked out and had to find something more of my taste --> acadamie of arts, two years arts set me up and ready for the animation course.

i would like to say this forum is the utterly best teaching device i came across! It simply rocks!! Two thumbs up for the creator(s)!

PS: feel free to stop by at my scketchbook thread cause i feel a bit lonely and lost in my own thread now,.... http://www.conceptart.org/forums/showthread.php?t=60419