ref sheet for 3d model

the above 3 are for a story i'm working on entitled 'coffeehouse'. Here's an excerpt:

The bathroom door in the back of the store clicked open, slamming into the wall as Tom strode out onto the landing. “What the fuck happened here?” Stephanie cocked her head to peer at Tom though the gap under her right arm. “That creepy old guy just painted the window with his intestines, how did you get in here?” Stephanie departed her post behind the counter and walked over to where Tom was standing.
“Oh, I spent the night.”
Tom made a show of brushing nonexistent dirt from this front of his suit, then pulled the knot out of his tie and set to work refastening it.
“Tom,” Stephanie began in her most seductive voice, grasping Tom’s hands in her own, “how would you like to help me clean up the front window?”
Tom dropped his hands to his sides, allowing Stephanie to finish tying his necktie. “I don’t know about that Steph, they really need me at the office and I’m already,“ Tom paused to examine his wristwatch, “three hours and forty-five minutes late.”
“Oh come on, they didn’t fire you the last seven times.”
“That’s only because the boss’s wife put in a good word for me,” replied Tom, giving Stephanie a sly wink. “Ow!” Stephanie jerked the knot tight around his neck. Tom glanced over his shoulder at the large purple tentacle slopping lazily against the front window, drawing long, clear streaks though the blood obscuring the view.