Hey guys, I'm a digital artist focusing mostly in 3d. I used to draw and paint often years ago and go out of it. Not much of an "arts and crafts" kinda guy.
I can get a piont across on paper but was never a true fine artist.
Recently, I've discovered Alias Sketckbook pro and I love using it. I've been drawing with my wacom tablet more than I have in years. It honestly looks like my drawing style minus all the smudges when I used to lean my hand accidently on it
Anyway, my question is, how many of you guys do concept art on the computer as opposed to traditional means? Have you felt any real differences as products get better, like painter and this sketchbook program, with your workflows from you guys who do both or switched over?
For me, I don't think I'd be doing much of it at all if I had to maintain supplies, this is so much easier to just start freeflowing ideas without being worried about wasting anything.