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    Talking The Hunt

    The Hunt

    i wanted to capture the exact moment before a predator catches its prey. i wanted to make it seem that the rabbit was far from safety by using the progression of red to yellow to blue as a means of portraying the the gradual advance into danger. safety is long behind the rabbit and the bobcat is right inbetween the two. to further help that effect, i added slight tonal variations from the upper left to lower right; red, yellow, and blue, to make the rabbit seem to be redish and thouroughly endangered and make the bobcat seem blueish to make it the point between safety and danger.

    done for my Color & Observations class. 5+ hours

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    Well, it's a good start.
    I don't think the rainbow sky helps anything. When you gradate from red to yellow to blue, you're incorporating about the whole rainbow, and that's just not a healthy choice. Secondarily, if you wanted to do the whole red to blue thing, there are much more subtle ways of doing it. Right now, you're beating us over the head, and believe me, you didn't to explain it in the description. Try letting the sky move from a cool blue to a warm blue/violet. It would probably have a much more powerful effect. On a tirtiary note, your forms need a severe amount of thought. The grass is much too regular and looks man-made, and bobcat does not look anything like a bobcat, partly due to the serengeti-looking environment. This is where a lot of reference really comes in handy. You're not understanding any of the figures/forms you're painting here. Really take the time to research it, and understand what it is you're setting out to paint. Trust me, it'll make the painting a lot easier, and a lot better. Google's image search is an artist's best friend in times like this. Keep on truckin' though. Just think "subtle" over "hammer-on-the-head". You don't have to go from red to blue in order to show warm to cool: there are warm blues and cool blues; warm reds and cool reds; warm purples and cool purples etc. That's my two cents.


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    thank you very much, I'll be sure to remember on my next project with some freedom.

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    Here's an idea for your red and blues, set this scene at sunset, have your blue sky with a gentle fade, and set a tree behind your prey that is lit by an off frame orangey-red sunset.

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    I would move the composition down more to their level so we get more of a feeling of being there.

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