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Thread: -+-+-Thew's Sketchbook (Updated Feb 19th-20th)-+-+-

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    -+-+-Thew's Sketchbook (Updated Feb 19th-20th)-+-+-

    Hey everyone, I've been lurking here for a while now, made a few posts every now and then, even posted some of my art a while back, but that was a long time ago. Though I should start a sketchbook, because I'm back in the Drawing mode.

    A Little bit about myself, I am a 19 Year old college student, currently studying visual arts. I started out when i was really young. I hear stories from my mom saying when i was like 2 i would trace my sisters handwriting backwards, then it progressed into drawing Batman while watching the cartoon. Then of course comic books came into my life, and that played a HUGE role in why i wanted to start drawing. Ever since I knew i wanted to be drawing for the rest of my life.

    Most of the stuff I'm doing in school right now is that boring entry level crap like boring still life's, or perspective tuff...just basic stuff that everyone should do. At the end of my freshmen year there was a portfolio review, and I was one of 8 out of 50 trying to enter the program that got a perfect score. Most of that stuff is far too boring and far to big for me to post.

    In this thing I'm just gonna post most of the stuff I do in my freetime. Drawing really takes a lot out of me, especially when I am doing it for school. I'm very sporadic, I get super stoked about drawing for a period of time, and then I get tired and don't feel like doing it. Luckily right now I'm in the "I want to draw" phase.


    here is some really old stuff...

    this one is from 2002..unfinished

    more from 2002

    entry for a Violent Messiahs contest, i got 3rd in

    from 2003

    this is some of the stuff i posted a while back, these were done in the summer of 2005....

    these were also done in the same first crack at computer coloring and with a mouse (don't have a tablet just yet)

    enough of that old here are my more recent stuff, done in the past week or so....

    a few studies

    any suggestions, crits or anything else is welcomed. i would like to hear how you guys hone your skills. Stuff you look at, anything that could help me vary my drawings. I'm still trying to din my's harder than i thought it would be

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