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    Painting software - what do people here need?

    Hi guys,

    As I stared up at the ceiling trying to sleep tonight, I got a flash of inspiration and was abruptly struck by the need to code some painting software. Yes, I'm strange.

    I thought the Lounge would be the best place to put my request, and I subsequently discovered PaintChat and MB's plan to replace it.

    Anyhow, I don't do digital painting, so unfortunately I'm not qualified to satisfy my own curiosity, so I defer to the digital painting experts on this forum. My question: are there any features of painting software (Painter in particular) that could be improved, or perhaps simplified upon?

    For instance, is the Painter interface intuitive to painting from a tablet (I would think so, but you never know)? Is it overly complex? Are there any major features that are missing that would help? Are there a pile of features that don't need to be in there?

    PaintChat is an interesting direction for painting software, certainly one I wouldn't have considered had I not visited this forum. Online collaboration is a wondrous thing. I guess the same would apply to PaintChat: what kind of things could PaintChat do better?

    This has been a spontaneous post, so I do apologise if I appear a little uninformed on the matter. At a later date, I'll sit down and do some of my own research, but for now, any response would be appreciated.


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    The thing that bothers me, is that programs such as painter are trying to imatate traditional painting, but your drawing with a pencil. As silly as it sounds, i wish you could use an actual paintbrush tool, instead of a pen/pencil tool to use on the tablets. But of course that seems a little farfected. So I wish the pressure sensitivity would react like an actual brush better, than just making various size lines. Also, when you have a flat brush in the program, you can't turn the brush in any direction you like, it's always horizontal.

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    I wish in Painter, when you right clicked, you could use sliders to easily and quickly adjust size and opacity, maybe some colors, and a brush shape. I don't like going down the long list of colors just to find one I like.
    Oh, and the watercolor feature; There should be some way so that the outsides of where you paint become slightly darker after each stroke, so that it actually performs more like watercolor, and the desired effect is much easier to acheive.

    This is very noble of you! Hope you can help us

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