C.O.W. - #037: CC Huge Dog Endboss - VOTING!!!
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Thread: C.O.W. - #037: CC Huge Dog Endboss - VOTING!!!

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    C.O.W. - #037: CC Huge Dog Endboss - VOTING!!!


    Topic: CC Huge Dog Endboss

    Deadline for the voting: Sunday, 19th February 2006

    Posting thread (closed):


    CC Huge Dog Endboss:

    We need an endboss creature for a jump 'n run game. The creature should be based on a dog as we are entering the chinese year of the dog in 2006. The dog should be huge as endbosses are inclined to do so. The dog needs a special weapon, with which it can inflict high damage on the player char (eg laser eyes, fire breath etc). You are free in terms of style, make it fierce like castlevania-style or funny like in mario64-style...

    concept: Big Dumbass Puppy (BDP) Boss Sequence:
    1) You enter the level and are confronted with the brain-chilling apparition of BDP! He's been waiting for you all day long! He's missed you so much! He can't wait to frolic all over you! Suddenly...
    2) The Leap of Love! This sudden and nearly always overwhelming melee attack crushes you 98.6% of the time. If you manage to avoid it (megadodge = A+B+C+XYZ^2), you are faced with...
    3) The Tectonic Tail-Thump! BDP is passive, but his happily wagging rear appendage creates such tremors you struggle to keep your footing. Fall, and you die, victim of...
    4) Affection Armageddon! Viscous slime, one drop of which can drown you! Horrendously toxic exhalations guaranteed to gag a maggot! A gooey meaty slab that threatens to suffocate you with every lick! Quick, get up (B+C+A+ZXY*3)! Use the...
    5) Nose Hit Defense (A)! Your only weapon is a rolled-up newspaper, and it must be deployed with pin-point accuracy! Only a smack on the schnoz will quell BDP's enthhusiasm! But watch out, he has one last sneak attack...
    6) The Puddle of Burning Death! Even in defeat, BDP can be a deadly nemesis. Only a quadruple somersault ninja jump (AAA+XXX+BBB+C+[L]+face north standing on one leg) can get you out of the way of this corrosive flood!
    GAME OVER (do wish to try again?)


    concept: Mummified Martian War Hound
    Although its masters have long since returned to the red dust from whence they came this imposing sentinel still prowls the Martian halls guarding against intruders.
    Heavily armored and undead this beast shrugs off all but the most devastating physical attacks.
    Inset: Special attack, Voiceless Howell.


    concept: Borgola
    End Boss, found in the icy prison from which it was banned, the giant Borgola has been awoken in the present day. This creature was once breed and used to protect a valuable item of great power created by the Chinese. In ancient china Borgola was the god of destruction, an enormous ice bound breed of dog. He was fed on demand enormous portions every day and kept in the freezing conditions which turned its fury coat into an icy shield. Once there was no longer use for it after the ancient wars had ended and the item of power buried and hidden for eternity, the great Borgola was chained and sealed in the caves found in the north.
    End Boss attack: The Borgola's breath is near 450 degrees below 0' capable of freezing its enemies and smashing them to pieces. It's slippery dwellings make it hard to stay on your feet and dodge the giants massive claws and destructive blows. As your jumping and ducking you need to figure out how to melt the ice in certain locations so that you can sink the Borgola and trap it in the water for enough time to allow it to freeze. The Borgola also chucks large blocks of ice your way so be ready to move quick. Its eye sight is poor though due to the fact that they are completely frozen solid, so use this to your advantage, hide behind ice mounds, and in some cases these happen to be frozen warriors who's fate left them to be trophies filling the long caverns of the great beast warding off any who dare to enter its domain.


    concept: Naioglar
    After the Unknown Heroes have managed to protect the village of Hammerhurst from the invading goblin hordes and their cruel overlord Gload, they follow the hordes trail into the deserts of Samalune and the doorstep of the mountain fortress of Ogakan'keth, home of the Moagul'kai. Once they have defeated the myriad of necrominic nomads, destitute desert dingoes and maligned mennacingly monsterous Moagul'kai, the Unknown Heroes are faced with the final barrier (or so they think! predictable plot twist) between the Fortress' Lord; Belligerent, brutal Benny the bastard and their persuit of the Gro'Tpecnoc's Ruby-red-rod of radical reversal;
    the Nasty, nefarious Naioglar.
    This heavily armoured, armed and highly aggitated caninus giganticus had been bread by the barely bearable boney-backed giants of the desert as a guard for their magnificently massive mounds of gold and gems though through constant feeding of tidbits by the Moagul'kai it soon turned on its former masters and became the favoured pet of Belligerent, brutal Benny the Bastard.
    special attacks include;
    Chase the tail A devastating whirlwind of steel and spittle.
    Down boy! Belligerent forward paw attack.
    Bone Breath/Dogfood Flatulate A Cloud of nautious gas, stunning the unprepared player/s.
    Shake-it-to-pieces End-move that sends bloody chunks flying all about.
    Play Dead Doggy plays dead at 90% health loss (hopefully) fooling the player/s out of their hard earned $ by jumping into a special move combo as they goto move on;
    Rollover & Cock leg Doggy rolls over the player/s before cocking his leg and unleashing a final devastating blast that consumes its remaining health.


    concept: Cereberus' little brother Barberous' , three heads and one foul temper. the Saliva is super acid so much so that it burns the dog when it flys around thus increasing the foul temper. When not growling at each other the heads can coorperate and inflict poisonous bites in three directions at once.


    concept: Roofus, gaurdian of the unholy milk bowl, A eviceral Hellhound.




    concept: Appropriately named "Spike" is an undead dog that was beaten and neglected. Rising from the grave it expresses it's anger on anything moving. Spike is lightning quick. He first tries to pounce on the victim impaling their legs with his hind legs, effectively imobilizing them (or seriously slowing them down).


    concept: "Tubrya`s Blind Hound" the enormous, was created by the gods to guard the entrance to their world.
    it was given the power of hell-fire, unleashed through its dead eyes
    upon brave yet inconsequential arrivals.




    concept: Hound of the Ancients
    Description: The old myths of Quavi tell us of this ancient guardian. Once, it has terrorized the cities of the East, wiping out those who have dared to forget give praise to the gods. Gifted with flight, his heart protected by armour forged by the god of fire himself, the Hound is a formidable enemy. Within it, dwells the power of the divine. Unhinging his massive jaws, he can bring forth a ray brighter then those of the suns themselves. The legends speak little of the Hound's fate after the gods fell silent. But to this day it is believed that every time the ground quivers and the mountains sing, it is the Hound calling out to his long-lost masters.


    concept: The Devil's Demonshepherd
    A tortured and posessed beast, the Demonshepherd guards the 3rd and last gate on the path that leads to the Devils Throneroom. To defeat him, you need to use strong Water Spells in combination with any Elite or Ultimate ice-based Weapon. Fire and metal blades will not do much damage. His chain is long, but still keeps him contained to a certain area. Watch out for the spikes on his paws and tail, and defeat him fast, as you will need your strength to continue on and face...


    concept: Chestnut & Sammy Tacoface Butler
    During the Great War of Pussinmaboots the vile giant mutant space chihuahuas were nearly wiped out. Knowing full well that staying would mean certain death, the few thousand that were left boarded their starships and prepared to start over again in a new world far far away. Only one thing stood between them and freedom, the bulk of the enemy fleet. During the terrible battle that ensued the giant mutant space cihuahuas suffered terrible losses, out of all the starships that took off that day, only one made it through the blockade, onboard was the immensly cunning and tyrannical Sammy Tacoface Butler.
    On Earth Sammy found distant canine cousins, albeit slow and dimwitted. Drawing upon his vast knowledge of robotics and microbiology he took it upon himself to corrupt and transform his retarded cousins into beasts built for war. He took the biggest and meanest of his creations and made it his mobile control center of destruction also affectionately known as Chestnut. The reign of humans was nearing its end.


    concept: Nether Fetch: The Abomination
    A hundred million souls of a hundred million futures lay in the gut of the dead Gods' Fetcher. Sealed in a cave of haunted screams by Humanity's last day, Nether Fetch bides easily for it's hero. Heroes cut leashes on their searches for glory. Glory destroys all men, and so the beast grins.




    concept: The point of the fight is not to kill the beast itself but to shoot off the chains on the side and get it into such a rage that it will yank itself free. By doing this, it will open up the doorway to the next level. He also has a special attack with shooting the spikes off his collar but i got too lazy to draw that.


    concept: The game: Katter and Brax IX: Bozon's Brigade
    The premise: Katter and Brax have battled savagely and heroically through 8 installments of Dr. Bozon's nightmare tortures and machinations. At long last they have cornered him in his arctic refuge. There they dispatch with extreme prejudice the last vestigial remnants of his mechanized defenses. Their sights firmly set on Bozon, Katter and Brax engage in a titanic showdown of epic proportions. Ultimately the vile Dr. falters and is destroyed.
    However, his faithful canine companion Natasha Neutrino...had forseen for sometime the Dr.'s demise and was frustrated with his failures to ultimately destroy the chronic menace of Katter and Brax. Taking it upon herself..she formulated plans for the day when Bozon would perish..and be ready to wreak vengence on his murderers.
    Thus the T-89FYUG...*F**k You Up Good* suit was crafted. Sporting advanced reactionary armor plating, thought
    guided independent multiple nuclear warheads, Rapid fire centrifugal cannons, along with maximum
    maneuverability out of her twin Popuov Engines makes this nimble puppy...One Hot Bitch!


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