Hey everyone, I see alot of people posting their comic book pages on here. This is for anyone who is interested in comics or is already a huge fan. My company has just recently released a product called Comic Book Creator http://www.planetwidegames.com/
It allows the user to create their own comic books or funny stories. There are hundreds of comic book templates, clip art, text bubbles and other options. The user is also able to scan, download or do whatever they need to do to get their own images inside of the program. All the user needs to do is drag and drop. This program becomes even larger when paired with Photoshop. Kind of like Voltron each lion is fantastic but when paired together Voltron becomes more powerful. It sells for 19.99 and is completely worth the price. You will not be dissapointed. Oh yeah there is also a free trial of the program on the website, so go check it out.