My name is Erik and im 23 years old currently attending the Art Institute for Game Art and Design (just getting a degree....no good schools around here for Illustration) i wanted to say thank you to many of you who have posted turtorials and and peices in your sketchbook as i have been lurking for the past couple of weeks. Whenever i am having a bad art day or im just at a loss for inspiration i come on here and my batteries are recharged. Within the next week ill try and get some of my stuff scanned in post it up, might be a while since im stuck at home for mid terms. Looking forward to hearing from you!

BTW- if anyone has any good tuts on marker rendering or speed painting please let me know, maybe something i might have missed. Thanks.

Oh also i forgot, what do i need to get started? Do i need a photobucket account or what.....maybe i should read the stickies first.