Since this place is full of gamers, might as well try my luck here.

Having been fed up with PAL, i got myself an RGB cable in order to enable my TV to play at 60Hz. It worked, though with some drawbacks, which basically took what problems i originally had with the ps2 cable and agravated them a notch. Now i got my screen further off center, resulting in a black line on the right side little under a centimeter wide. Distortion is all the more apparent too. I tried it on my living room TV (bigger screen) and it shows a slight rotation but the offset and distortion are practically non-existent. I've read Sony TVs don't have this problem but they're more extortion than business.
So what i'd like to know is if any of you out there use True-RGB cables (unlike composite, which is the default PS cable), what kind of TV you have and wether there are any issues with the AV display.