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    Angry Insatiable Perfectionist - what do I do?

    With all / most creative things I do, whether it's drawing, web design, game mapping... I'm a perfectionist.. (mostly with just drawing and mapping). Cause of this, I hardly ever finish anything because I'm never satisfied with it.

    Any thoughts on this? Thank you.

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    Do something for someone else. Make sure that you promise them a finished result. Then you can't get away, you have to finish it. And it also helps you to get thru the "FUBR (fucked up beyond recongnition) phase" that every image seem to go thru. It never looks good all the way thru. Usually it's just when you put in al the elements you realize that it all just looks like shit.:mad:

    It's like a good computer adventure game, you play and progress until a point where you get stuck for a long time, until you finally solve it by trying Every possible combination. But the next time it's easier to do that part (you will get stuck on something else tho, trust me).

    That's how I get my meager creative juices working at least. I decide that I'm gonna do it for someone else and then tell them.

    After a couple of times it gets easier and easier to finish things, because you know you can do it and you are aware of the whole process. It doesn't end in, "well, it didn't turn out that good" or "I could finish it if I wanted to, but I'm bored" excuses.

    I'm saying this from my own experience, I'm not totally cured yet, when I doodle I never do anything remotley finished but just small mouths, profiles and eyes. Soooo boring but I'm lazy. I think I'm seeing a Slow change for the better tho.

    Ganbatte kudasai. Go for it.

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