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    SSG #9 T-Dome Results from the judges!

    So far, we only have the full results from Oregano. Mentler has sent me his judging for Styler so far.

    Styler: 27/60 (because two judges have judged so far)
    Embee: 21/30
    Dreckster: 42/60
    Threeeyesworm: 24/30
    Qxzi: 15/30

    SSG #9 T-Dome Results from the judges!

    Concept: 5 - try conveying a story with your picture. I couldn't determine what the concept was, and without the brief for the TD, I wouldn't have known that this is supposed to be the armless musician.
    Composition: 7 - compositional placement is fine for the most part, and you give the eye enough places to play.
    Technique: 5 - Slow down and don't scribble so much. Your pencil work occilated between good shading on the left and hatchlines on the right, hair and shirt. If you consolidated your shading and worked more the way you did on the left through the whole piece, focusing on tone instead of line, this would have been stronger.

    Points from Oregano: 17

    Concept 3 Did not really take this anywhere <> the mission
    statement said the dude had no arms and I did not see anything that
    pushed it beyond that <> needed to see your thinking <> many people have
    trouble with the concept or idea stage <> musician with no arms is the
    concept statement <> your idea of what a musician with no arms entails is
    the the concept you need to bring to the party <> very simple concept
    would be playing instruments with his feet.

    Composition 3 Again really nothing special happening <>
    pretty much looks like very little thought was put to the design of the
    page <> placement on the page and directly the viewer where we want him
    to go are responsibilities the artist needs to take seriously <> drawing
    is a language and at some point we need to realize that we are not just
    talking to ourselves but trying to communicate how we feel about
    something to others

    Technique 4 There is really nothing wrong here that
    experience won't fix <> a see a very normal separation of line and tone
    that seems to always be present when we start out <> we tend to think of
    them as two separate things and two separate activities <> we use the
    line in enclose the shape then we use tone to fill in the shapes <> the
    result is the we end up with pretty flat shapes <> To make it more
    difficult many schools teach it this way <> in my book they should not be
    separate considerations because they are doing the same job i.e.
    describing form <> I also prefer hatching to laying in broad areas with
    the side of the media.

    Points from Mentler: 10

    SSG #9 T-Dome Results from the judges!

    * 6 - Very funny concept. I'm glad I'm not Brian.
    * 9 - I actually didn't like the composition at first, but the more I looked at it, the more it grew on me. You've used a good triangular set up, which worked well.
    * 6 - Your shading isn't too bad. Try working more with tone, and use the lines to delineate between light and dark areas - it will help create visiual interest. My only real caveat is that the buildings look unfinished.

    Points from Oregano: 21

    SSG #9 T-Dome Results from the judges!

    * 7 - concept could have been thought out a little better, but not a bad idea
    * 7 - composition is pretty good. The one fatal flaw is your main focal point is dead center on the creature's stomach - it should be on it's face.
    * 7 - Not bad with the technique either, but it does seem little chaotic and confused in placed, like you weren't sure what you wanted to do. Your color choice is good, but again, don't get so chaotic. you attempted to create some color harmony by including some reds in various places - those need to be a bit more subtle. As it is, they're harsh and work against you. Try working a bit more with tone and not so much with line.

    Points from Oregano: 21

    Concept 7

    Pretty strong here <> shows some borrowed interest <> in other words this
    a strong visual but is not totally individualized <> has some Spiderman
    overtures <> the electric feel of the weaving idea seems to deal a little
    more with energy than substance <> overall however there is a honest
    attempt to deal with the idea.

    Composition 7

    A lot going on in a small space <> to many vocal points <> need here to
    direct the viewer more <> background colors could be muted a little

    Technique 7

    What can I say <> it is at a good skill set that is pretty easy to get to
    <> it is where you push from here on out that separates the good from great.

    Points from Mentler: 21

    Total Points: 42

    SSG #9 T-Dome Results from the judges!

    * 10 - I really like this. The idea of what you were driving at is really cool.
    * 6 - You take a hit here because as you pointed out yourself, you didn't plan it out properly. It can be hard to do, but do it. The composition is still really strong, but it is confusing - instead of making that confusion work for you, you ended up letting it weaken the piece. There should have been at least one to two more thumbs from this one to solidify the composition into something that worked better visually.
    * 8 - Your technique is pretty good. Not sure if it's the scan or the actual piece, but don't be afraid to make dark areas darker or black, depending. There's a couple areas here where they could have been a bit deeper.

    points from Oregano: 24

    SSG #9 T-Dome Results from the judges!

    * 5 - Concept wasn't bad, however spend some time refining your ideas. Don't be afraid to cut out what doesn't work, or what is working against you.
    * 5 - As this is a character sketch, there's essentially no composition. However, I'd suggest trying to creat more of a dynamic pose for your characters if that is all you going to show. The character can be doing something, posed uniquely, whatever helps communicate the story.
    * 5 - Pay attention to your atanomy. It's one of my biggest challenges, but you've got to do it. The head is far too large for the character, unless you are attemtping to create a comic style character, which it doesn't look like you were doing. You've got the basic idea of shading down, but pay attention to light source and form as well.

    Points from Oregano: 15
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