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    Question check my spiderman out and give your opinion plz!!!

    check my spiderman out and give your opinion plz!!!

    hi! i did this pic of spidey bout 3 weeks ago, i need critisism and your opinions plz, bear in mind that im only 14 so its not the pinacle of my career, anyway, thank you for taking the time to look and feel free to say anything.

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    Not too bad, but the proprotions are all out of whack. His legs are tiny in comparison to his body. Also, he appears to have no neck.

    Just some thoughts, and welcome to!
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    Nice attempt at a dynamic perspective drawing, I disagree with koroshiya001 with the legs being out of whack as I am guessing it is meant to be like that? Maybe show the origional that you used for reference and we can critique your observation skills!


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    No, koroshiya is correct. The legs are much too small.

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    I see what Dstudio was trying to say about the dynamic pose.
    Taking that into account: (should it be what was intended by you, shiftyburrito)
    The angle of the torso is just wrong.
    The leg on the left is pulled far too high, and the foot just can't bend that far back (not naturally at least)
    The thigh for the leg on the right is much too short.

    Taking into consideration just what korishiya said:
    The torso is too short.
    The legs are just...
    -too small.
    -the positioning seems way too strained.
    You could use a bit of foreshortening on the arm to the left.

    I don't mean to be extremely picky and what not, I'm just trying to help you out here.
    Keep all this in mind, give it another try, and let me see you rock that freaking drawing!
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    well since darkadaur mentioned alot allready ill concentrate my crit on muscles...

    the left (his right) shoulder is really wonky.... the shoulder muscle (yes im outing myself as probably one of the few that doesnt know the terms ^^) is too small and the biceps is going under it too far up the arm.

    the way you indicated the knee is facing his right leg looks awefully broken... meaning his foot is facing the wrong way considering the position of the knee.

    and he is lacking a back ... it seems like its cut off. and then head and arm are somehow attached to it.

    good start though keep it up. cheers
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