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    I considered that happening, and have a backup plan in case that happens. I'm all ears for a better way of judging these three way battles. Even if only one artist was to be chosen by each judge as "the best" piece, a tie could feasibly happen. In case of a tie, I'll just toss the top two choices back for a revote.

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    yer such a geek, ben....
    that's why i love you!
    There is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in pie. And there's an "i" in meat pie. Meat is the anagram of team...~Shaun "Shaun of the Dead"

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    5 for first
    3 for second
    0 for third

    I think that works, but now I think I've shifted back to my right brain...

    (edit)Nope, can still 2 way at 24-24-8 and 19-19-18 Grrr....
    Last edited by bdfoster; March 20th, 2006 at 06:13 PM.

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    actually, cody and i spoke about this a while back.
    there is ALWAYS the chance of a tie,
    so we just hope it doesnt happen.
    in fact, the only way not to get one is to have just one judge.
    - Dan Dos Santos

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    cool. I dont care how you do it, I just wanna know who won....

    (wow, that sounded really ignorant, didnt it??)

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    It's been reduced to five judges as I could not get ahold of my other choices, and all five judges have submitted their votes.

    I think I'm going to enjoy a little lunch here, maybe check my mail, go for a nice walk, you know. Then maybe I'll post the results.

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    you tease!
    There is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in pie. And there's an "i" in meat pie. Meat is the anagram of team...~Shaun "Shaun of the Dead"

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    this message is too short

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    T-DOME Last Man Standing Round 5 RESULTS!!!

    The judges:
    bk studio
    Imp Head
    Jason Manley
    Matt Dixon

    The judges ranked the pieces for each battle, giving 3 points to their first choice, 2 for the second, and 1 for the third. Each individual score is out of a possible 15 points.

    Match One - steak-tron vs. nicolas vs. DSIllustration

    1st Place - steak-tron - 13 points
    2nd Place - nicolas - 10 points
    3rd Place - DSIllustration - 7 points

    Match Two - dougbot vs. JasonChan vs. Chris J. Anderson!

    1st Place - JasonChan - 15 points
    2nd Place - dougbot - 9 points
    3rd Place - Chris J. Anderson! - 6 points

    Match Three - prostate sunrise vs. Dan Milligan vs. Eriboss

    1st Place - Dan Milligan - 12 points
    2nd Place - Prostate Sunrise - 10 points
    3rd Place - Eriboss - 8 points

    THE FINAL ROUND has been decided: steak-tron vs. JasonChan vs. Dan Milligan! Look for the starter thread to be set up tonight, where we will hash out exactly what the last round topic will be. I'm thinking I'll leave it up to you three to decide on an epic, badass topic eh?

    Congrats guys!

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    On top of that, Imp Head left some great crits behind for everyone.

    Match One


    This is really a gorgeous piece. The simple background works nicely with
    the figure both in its limited palette and the graphic execution is
    complimentary to the rendered foreground. I would like to see a little
    more separation between the wall and the girl in the lower bit of the
    image. Perhaps a fourth layer between the two (e.g. pipes, a box, rusted
    brackets, etc.) could be inserted to push the low wall back and bring
    the figure forward so they're not competing for attention. I also love
    the way the dynamic figure and walkman implies movement, while the cant
    and shape of various bits on Pandora instill a cagy sexiness in her
    bearing. I was struck by the choice to crop the figure below her eyes.
    It's a bold and dangerous move, as the eyes are what we viewers use to
    connect to the characters in images and when their eyes are covered or
    missing the figures tend to become objects instead of characters but in
    this case it worked really well and adds an interesting edge of
    anonymity to Pandora. Furthermore the multi-layered play on the concept
    of "Pandora's Box", through both the image and the graphic design, is
    brilliant. It furthers the story behind the picture but still lets the
    viewer fill in the details. My only gripe is the close proximity of the
    image to the edge of the card. A smidge more space at the top will help
    it look less crowded.


    I love the different layers of finish on the various parts of this
    image. The simple lines and graphics are subtle enough so as not to look
    out of place but also enhance and compliment the rendered subjects. The
    lines of the dragon mirror Pandora's hair, the pink glow of the energy
    coming from the box set off the pink of her skin. In fact, the color
    choices throughout the piece are stunning, subtle and cohesive yet with
    a definitive hierarchy as to direct the eye, first to the skull then to
    the box and the girl and lastly to the dragon gracing the background.
    The figure is highly polished and believable but I would like to see a
    little more time given to the girl's face. Though essentially accurate
    in it's portrayal I think the features could be pushed a bit further
    towards the extreme to make her seem more feminine and exotic. A thinner
    neck, higher cheekbones and a sharper chin would set her off nicely.
    Compositionally the piece is again, solidly done. The layers of both the
    elements and their execution from graphic to rendered give the piece a
    wonderful depth, the neoclassic pyramidal placement of the elements give
    the image a stoic quietude that make it extremely forceful. I would like
    to see a little more asymmetry in the girl, perhaps in the tracks of her
    tears or in a slight tilt to the head but it'd have to be subtle to not
    compete with the dynamics of the skull and its importance in the
    hierarchical structure of the image.


    I'm really attracted to the simple reality of this piece. The tech looks
    workable, the lighting and rendering are savvy, even the figures are
    believable. The palette is cohesive but with enough diversity to lead
    the eye from the sickly green in the foreground to the clean white of
    the back. The composition however, is a little to symmetric for my
    liking. Though I love the dichotomy between the sterile, direct lines
    leading to the inevitable chaos inherent in the Pandora's Box story,
    this feels a bit too structured. Everything is exactly mirrored as if it
    were a Rorschach inkblot. With a touch of asymmetry, for instance with
    the addition of a third technician in the foreground, the balance would
    be shifted enough as to add a subtle tension so as to enhance the overt,
    cringing, horror and sense of imminent doom already inherent in the
    piece, but would still give you a seemingly solid symmetric composition.

    Match 2

    Jason Chan

    This is a really lovely piece of work. The simple elegance of the
    composition supports and really enhances the potency of the emotional
    depth of the image. The girl is wonderfully rendered and has such a
    sublime touch of resignation that it elevates her plight from a physical
    to a metaphorical state. I would like to see the contrast taken up just
    a touch to bring out the hair lining the pit, the gradient from the
    light at the top to the dark at the bottom and, most importantly, the
    glow of the girl, but it would have to be a very subtle shift as to not
    destroy the simple elegance of the piece. The green of the background
    sets off the blood flowing from the box nicely and the dark tones around
    the edge frame the whole piece in and direct our eye downwards giving
    the girl a sense of movement. Beautiful work.

    Chris J. Anderson

    The quality of light and action in this piece is great. The dynamic
    figures blasting away from the chest give it a nice sense of action
    frozen in time. Black clouds, replete with screaming skulls, eyes aglow,
    coalescing from amorphous shapes lends a dire, unspoken threat to the
    overall feeling of the piece. The desperate looks on the poor people
    trying, in vain, to replace the lid of the coffer allows the viewer
    quick insight into the events leading to this moment and allows them to
    share in the catastrophe unfolding after. Though I love the implied
    motion of the piece, the placement of the elements in space is a little
    confusing. The energy and subsequent clouds from the chest seem to be
    billowing up behind the central figures even though in relation to the
    viewer the energy should be in front. Even a couple of the figures
    flying back from the blast should in fact be behind, in or otherwise
    obscured by the clouds. Though this lets the viewer connect with the
    characters of the piece it gives the image a bit of optical flip-flop
    that distracts us from what's actually going on in the image. This
    lessens the overall draw and potency of the subject and thus the image
    loses some of its ability to draw in and hold a viewers attention.


    The detail in the demon is astounding. The weave of organics both
    recognizable and suggested are very well executed and drafted. The top
    heavy composition gives the piece a wonderful sense of tension, as if
    the entire biomass that Pandora has unwittingly released will at any
    moment topple over and consumer her. The figure of Pandora, though
    technically well done, I believe is the weakest part of the image. With
    her back to us we the viewers are psychologically blocked from a prime
    entry point into the piece. Had she been facing us and in essentially
    the same pose but with her right arm back and her left arm raised with
    the lid, it would have allowed us an open access to the image and
    greater empathic connection to the Pandora character thus heightening
    the sense of empathic dread for the viewer. I also would have liked to
    see a more depth in the background. Flat colors tend to flatten images
    out and with a flat image you lose the pop and thus the emotional charge
    of a piece. If you were to change the flat color of the background to a
    value gradient, dark at the top to light at the bottom, you'll give the
    piece much more depth.

    Match 3

    Prostate Sunrise

    There's a number of things I like about this piece. The concept of the
    box as a non-box shaped container, the costuming on both the gods and
    Pandora alike, even the visages of the gods portrayed as masks rather
    than entities strikes a chord with me. The overall stoic nature of the
    faceless gods and Pandora alike give the piece cold and quiet feeling as
    if the end result of the classic story is inevitable. I do like the
    unified color palette with its subtle shifts of color, however I think
    it is almost a little too subtle. With just a couple of touches of
    turquoise, blue and green throughout the piece, you'll get a lot more
    pop overall and can use them to accentuate and more importantly separate
    the elements from one another. I really like the rendering of Pandora
    but would like to see the figure rendered more definitively in the lower
    half. Or barring that give us a better idea of her coalescing out of
    mist. It would give the piece a better fulcrum to balance on than the
    end of the box as it currently is, and would strengthen your composition

    Dan Milligan

    This is a very clever piece on a number of levels. Emotionally charged
    images of skulls, a beautiful woman and a flayed body are further
    enhanced by the bold use of color to not only direct the eye but to
    instill a glorious sense of dread and anxiety. Red is a superb choice
    for the overall tone as it tends to catch the viewer's attention and get
    them emotionally riled up. The blues and greens though calming in most
    cases, work instead to compliment the red and make it even more potent.
    The crucifix shape of the imagery also carries with it very charged
    emotions even for secular viewers, and the layers of meaning are carried
    even further with the realization that this could be folded into a box,
    however I think both the cross and box elements could be enhanced by
    carrying the bottom of frame further down so as to give the shape a
    stronger crucifix design and give the box six sides instead of five.
    Also, I feel as if having the actual box folded up at the bottom you're
    sort of visually giving us the answer to the riddle before we have a
    chance to discover it for ourselves. If you were to instead give the
    viewer more subtle clues, for instance, fold instructions and dotted
    lines, it would promote interaction between the image and the viewer on
    a visual or even a physical level and give them the opportunity for that
    epiphany when they connect it all together.


    I really appreciate subtle message behind this image. The girl who puts
    on a happy face for the world despite the fact that inside she's a
    seemingly endless pit of despair and depression. The gun, which is
    shaped like a key, will "unlock" her head and release her from the hell
    that she is living but will inevitably also release the chaos and pain
    inside her onto those she leaves behind. The image uses a common myth to
    illustrate a far more tragic social and psychological concept which goes
    beyond the simplicity of Pandora's Box. The application of paint, both
    bold and chaotic, works in some areas but I think is a bit overabundant
    in the painting as a whole. If there were areas of calm expressed
    through tighter rendering, amid the chaos it may better mirror the story
    you're telling. Also, though the girl's face is gorgeously emotive the
    rest of her anatomy wasn't rendered with the same care and so ultimately
    the figure suffers and thus our ultimate connection to the piece
    suffers. I think given a little more time, this piece would really

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    goddam, I'm one lucky fuck.

    Here we go... one mo' time
    "I watch everything I hate I love everything"
    sketchbook thread

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    awesomeness. no surprises there
    Congrats everyone, unlucky Prostate, you had my vote dood.
    Imp Head - Great Crit, thanks man!
    What a ride, I'm surprised I fluked it this far hehe.
    Congrats everyone, what a wicked final this is gunna be!



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    Thanked 2,063 Times in 830 Posts i'm not gonna be able to sleep for months again.
    congrats to the winners!
    (and of course those who made it so far aswell)

    Sketchbooks of inspiration:
    Marc Taro|Maxetormer|ZhuZhu|Jeri|Dobu]

    Always think about:
    lighting! design! perspective! proportion!
    And (self)motivation is still everything.

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    Awesome man, that was a blast. I knew immediatley after seeing Jason's I was done, so that was no surprise. I'm glad I'm not in the final round, because the two losers are gonna be executed on a CA webcam. Good luck to you three.

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    My hat's off to the winners and mad props to Cake and Douggie for representin' Seattle. Mad props guys!
    There is no "I" in team, but there is an "I" in pie. And there's an "i" in meat pie. Meat is the anagram of team...~Shaun "Shaun of the Dead"

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    Wow, Milligan, Steak, and Chan, it is set, kick ass! I am so waiting for the next thunderdome as well as this final! I am going crazy, nrrraaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! pld:

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    Wow, grand battles. Congrats everyone on a great job. Jason Chan, SteakTron, & Dan Milligan, congratulations. Good luck to you all on your last round.


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