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    Unhappy Photoshop freezing...

    Hey, guys. I've been having a recurring problem with CS2. It may or may not be related to the use of my Intuos3 4x5 tablet; I haven't had problems with it when not using my tablet, but I rarely use Photoshop without my tablet.

    Basically, the program will freeze up in the middle of a brush stroke. Part of the brush stroke appears, but the rest does not. I can move the cursor just fine, but it is only visible if it's inside that Photoshop window. If I click on anything anywhere, much of the Photoshop screen goes white. At that point, the computer recognizes that Photoshop has stopped responding. I have to exit out (accomplished by repeatedly pressing the red X) and start Photoshop up again, whereupon it usually functions just fine.

    Anyone have any suggestions? I'm 99% sure that my tablet drivers are up-to-date, and my copy of Photoshop is perfectly legal. My computer isn't fast--somewhere in the range of 1 GHz--but it rarely causes any problems other than this.

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    It makes me so sad to see 20 views but 0 replies...anyone have any thoughts on this? At all?

    I've tried resetting the preferences, but the problem has occurred again.

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    I had a similar freeze-up recently and while I was trying to figure out what was happening I thought to myself "When was the last time I saved?" That solved the problem in my case. You get so involved in the painting process you forget that all of those brushstrokes are a lot for your computer to keep track of in the memory buffer. Try saving more often and see if it helps.

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    All right. In any case, I need to save a little more frequently just so that if the freeze DOES happen, I won't lose as much work.

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  6. How much RAM do you have loaded in the machine? I get the same thing occasionally and if I just walk away for a minute or two, the computer works through it. As long as it does not crash, you should be okay.

    I am matty.
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    I've got a measly 512 MB of RAM, MattyRyan. 200-something for Photoshop. Ouch.

    I've tried walking away and coming back, and occasionally this works. But I've also waited sometimes for a half-hour or so with no change of any sort. So I've given up on that.

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    I'm getting the same problem with my PS 7 and intuos 3. But not as bad, some of my strokes are dissappearing and re-appearing as i say draw a horizontal line.

    One thing i notices is that i'm accidently pressing the button on the pen. Are you doing the same? The buttons are soft and it seems to interfere with my stroke.

    Any one else have the same problems?

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    I don't usually press the buttons by accident, but I know when I do because the pop-up menu appears. Well, now I've changed my settings so that the lower button just takes me to 100% zoom.

    My strokes don't disappear and reappear--one stroke will just stop in the middle and never fully appear, and the program freezes.

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    Right. I have a different problem.

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  11. I have removed any preferences from the buttons on the pen for that very reason. I prefer to use the keyboard shortcuts.

    I think you need to consider getting some more RAM, Datameister. It makes a big difference. What OS do you use?

    I am matty.
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    I'm seriously considering it, MattyRyan. I've occasionally had issues in other programs that might be RAM-related, too.

    I'm using Windows XP Home Edition. I've got Service Pack 2.

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  13. Tiger Direct had a sale and some really cheap prices on PC RAM a few weeks ago. Worth checking out what they have. I have a Mac and have not had any problems with the components that I get from them. Fry's Outpost usually is not too bad either.

    I am not overly familiar with the nuts and bolts of Windows XP, but I was not aware that you could allot memory to specific programs in it. I thought it arbitrarily assigned memory as you ran the program the way Mac OS X now does it.

    I am matty.
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    Well, Photoshop's preferences can help control RAM usage.

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  15. I just got an email for some more sale stuff at Tiger Direct. There was some RAM listed. Check it out.

    I am matty.
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    Might not be ram. I'm having this problem myself right now.

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    Ooh, I really hope that's not my problem because according to the document, there's no way to solve it besides deactivating Scattering and Smoothing. The latter is very important most of the time, and the former happens to be important to one brush I use. But I'll try deactivating both, and see what happens...

    I think I'll buy some more RAM, just to be safe.

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