sorry for the double post CA/Sijun. i'm looking for feedbacks and i'm too lazy to do something else than a basic cut-n-paste...

_AUDIOMICID:Sequence 6 // cover design
this is a vynil cover design for the new Audiomicid ep (turntablist crew).
these tracks mix electro sounds (keyboards and samples) and scratches.
so it's not supposed to look like a 'basic' hiphop/turntablist record.
they liked this pic
_AUDIOMICID:Sequence 6 // cover design
so they asked me do design something for them. no real constraints, freestyle session.
their older covers were based on graffitis and looked 'underground', they wanted a more 'graphic' look for this one. some kind of futuristic look with a 'pro' feeling.
i thought of doing some kind of cyber-technics deck mixed with a syringe/needle, the first sketch looked like this : (about 20mns)
_AUDIOMICID:Sequence 6 // cover design
_AUDIOMICID:Sequence 6 // cover design
they liked the overall machine design but didn't want an obvious reference to turntablism, so i tweaked the left part a little bit and started to work on the final composition with the typos.

rightnow, we basically agreed on the layout displayed above (kind of fun step since they are 7 and it's always a challenge to find a way through so many comments and crits).
so basically, it's done. next step will be to finish the design of the machine, add details, work on the typos.
i'll post these here.

now, crits and comments are more than welcome. overpaints, cut'n paste, whatever you feel like could be a good input.
the deadline is the end of this month, so there's still time to modify things.