Dear All,

Hi I am a newbie here.

I have a wacom intuos 3 tablet and is running winxp pro.

I have downloaded the latest tablet drivers and installed it.

My first question is this - how come the tilt function does not work with Photoshop CS3 airbrush tool ?

But when I load up corel painter x it works.

Secondly, in corel painter x, how do I create a new airbrush tool that also has the tilt function working ?

This is because as a default, the airbrush tilt works in painter x, but then when I create a new airbrush tool, it does not work anymore ???

Thirdly, in Painter X, the wheel of the airbrush tool is used to control the flow of paint. Can I somehow configure the wheel of the airbrush tool to control the spread instead ? I think this way, the airbrush tool functions more like an airbrush tool. If I pull backwards a little on the wheel, I get a small paint dot spread. And if I pull backwards a lot on the wheel, I get a larger paint dot spread.

In photoshop CS3 the wheel is used to control the size of the paint spread and it is exactly how I want it. Can I do this with Painter X too ? How ?

Some in the forum says, there should be a Start->Programs->Tablet program installed on my pc ???

How come I cannot find Start->Programs->Tablet ???

I can only find the wacom tablet configuration applet under my WinXP control panel ???

Hope to hear from you soon.


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Thank you so much for your time.

FunkyCat - Spangky Spunky Spangkingly