Hi everyone. Let me introduce myself (briefly, I hope):

My name's Noah Bradley, I'm 17, have been going to a local community college for a few years now and would like to do more drawing. Classes just started, and I'm taking Drawing II, Painting II, and Art history (as well as a couple other classes). Anyways, now that I have all this art assignments, I hope I'll be spending a whole lot more time in my sketchbook... and since I doubt I'll get much honest criticism on things to work on and such, I hope to post my stuff on here to get just that.

Various images copied from books in the library

Another library copy, and then started drawing people in my drawing class

...more people in my drawing class

Studies (some ref, some not)

From life, using a mirror (except for the woman)

Well, there we go. More will be coming. In the meantime, though, go ahead and critique my stuff.