Hey, CA community. I've browsed this forum for a couple of years now, but have never mustered up the courage to post, mainly due to intimidation (you are all so good!). Well recently I've been getting my portfolio (mostly drawing, photography, and animation -- not much painting background) to a few schools that I'm applying to, and figured now would be as good as any time to start a CA Sketchbook (that, and the fact that I got a Wacom for Christmas ). Posts will be a bit slow at first, but hopefully I'll get more frequent, and you all can help mold me into a better artist... the digi's will be in order of when they were created, oldest to newest, and the pencil sketches will probably be random order (i have a whole sketchbook to not only add to, but also scan and post here ). So cheers, and wish me luck on my road to more developed skills.

first painting with the Wacom, in Painter, just screwing around with brushes and whatnot


quick paint of a tree frog

speed paint of an ocean

jungle scene