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    Kate's Webcomickry

    Hi all,
    I've been experimenting of late in the weird and wonderful world of webcomics. I'm finding webcomics to be a great pressure cooker for improving my art and now that I've got a couple of established projects I'm looking for some feedback on where to take the comic style I'm developing next.

    My main project is a fantasy webcomic called Juathuur. It's a daily comic so I'm pretty restricted on how much time I can spend per page. This is one of my more background-conscious pages:

    Kate's Webcomickry
    I'm trying to find ways to improve the quality of each page while maintaining my speedy production cycle.

    My side project is called Sex Percussions and lets me play with a slightly different and more detailed style (it is meant to be in colour eventually)

    Kate's Webcomickry

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    Hmm...I guess there are 2 major things that stand out to me (ok, 1 major,1 minor).

    The main thing is a lack of focused and/or interesting light sources. It can almost be forgiven in the first comic, as it's a scene during overcast skies which has a tendency to flatten things out, but from what I see in the second I think that's less of a concious choice than an accident. Overall, the lighting in the first one seems inconsistent overall (look at the pants of the right most figure of the trio in the last panel and tell me why one is lit from below and one from above...)

    In your inked work, the lines do an ok job for the graphic read but I'd like to see some more indication of form.

    The minor thing bugging me is the bottom half of the second page. I like what you were trying to do with those 3 panels, but it reallydoesn't read well. I was very confused when looking at it for the first time.
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