And by sucking kids I mean those elements in your life which do everything but inspire, support and bring passion into your life.

The Sucking.

I know it sounds like a bad early 90's UK Brit band but fuck it, that is exactly what it is. Tonight the sucking got the shit kicked out of it with some major life changes that the band can't record a second album or tour ever again.

Contract cancelled, goodbye, the end.

For anyone at home right now, right this moment, knowing that the Sucking is trying to crank out a concert in your cold house pull the damn power and walk out. It might be your 9-5 job slinging burgers, the girlfriend who isn't the "one", the three hairs growing on your back you just can't reach, the cigarette you just can't stop lighting, the debt load you can't handle anymore, the grades you can't seem to get...anything that is sucking one more moment from you moving forward.

Kill it with fire!! Perspective is everything and to look death in the face you need to do it with a smile. The scariest thing in this world is knowing you might make a mistake, might screw up somewhere in taking that chance to change your life.

When all the time it can be your life changing that chance.

Do it for your family, your kids, your better half and for your fucking self!

I just did.