T-DOME: Last Man Standing Round Four (Matches 1-9)

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    T-DOME: Last Man Standing Round Four (Matches 1-9)

    T-DOME: Last Man Standing Round Four (Matches 1-9)

    A child finds his/her imaginary friend...
    We've done demons, we've done complicated battle scenes, a we've done tech... let's see if you can draw a child. The premise is that a child stumbles upon his imaginary friend for the first time. There are no limitations to what the imaginary friend will look like or be, but there must be both the child and friend characters present and accounted for in your finished piece.

    Jason Manley
    el coro
    Matt Dixon

    Out of a sea of competitors, 18 artists have made it to the fourth round of the Last man Standing thunderdome. The Dome-a-tron 5000 randometer, which amazingly looks like a baseball hat filled with strips of papers that have everyone's names written on them, again randomly paired up some heavyweight battles that proved to be a hell of a spectacle. From this round we'll have 9 winners who will all advance to round 5: three 3-man battles, the last battle before the championship 3-man battle in round 6.

    Puddin' and Flaptraps, I looked everywhere for your entries. Please pm or email them to me ASAP if ya got 'em.

    Without any further ado, the art.

    Match 1: Eriboss vs Summer Pudding

    No entry received.

    Match 2: Dougbot vs Stokes

    Match 3: Sammy vs Chris J. Anderson!

    Match 4: p4b10 vs Prostate Sunrise

    Match 5: J May vs Nicolas

    Match 6: Red_Rook vs Dan Milligan

    Match 7: JasonChan vs Flaptraps

    No Entry Received.

    Match 8: Pupil vs steak-tron

    Match 9: DSIllustration vs Poshspice

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