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    Going Over Drawing Fundamentals

    On a scale of 1-10, I'd say my drawings from memory are about a 4, my drawings from life or from a photo are about 7-8. I'm studying to be a teacher, and I've been going through a lot of artist books and graphic novels for ideas and examples. I want to put together a drawing course that will give high school students a good overview of concepts, overcome their self doubt, and excite them about drawing.

    Here are some of my focuses so far:
    1. Anatomy: The body, hands, feet, the face, parts of the face
    2. Anatomy: distorting proportion, foreshortening, motion, Gravity
    3. Leading the Eye through Composition
    4. Perspective/Point of View/Camera Angle
    5. Light
    6. Size
    7. Geometry
    8. Stylistic Choices
    9. Personification of objects

    I've found pretty good examples for these subjects so far, but I could use some good drawing examples of muscles - if anyone has a suggestion. But also, just tell me, since pretty much everyone here is a better artist than me, if and what I'm missing so far as content. Plus any good lessons you had that you think should be in any drawing class.

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    Regardless of content I think part of what will really help your students is your enthusiasm & belief in what you're doing. Lead by example! Show them how you can do it and see if they can follow suit. Your list there seems perfectly fine. My suggestion if you're looking for more muscle content would possibly make a dash to Borders, Barnes & noble, Amazon or wherever and take a look at things like Bridgman's Anatomy, Burn Hogarth's Dynamic Anatomy and any other anatomy book that's out there. They all have great ideas and suggestions that might aid in your teaching.

    Also look up Loomis online and see how they suggest drawing muscles. There are a lot of great ideas on drawing stuff like this already out there. Just make the dash to the bookstore or library, go through what their ideas and adapt them to your program.

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