First let me introduce myself, my artist name is Lil Tit deriving from my finnish nickname Tintti which is actually a shortening of the birds name Little Tit, so hence the name Lil Tit, and by the way, I also am little in size and look a little like a bird (I have a pointy nose)

Im available for all kinds of art related jobs, also (or most especially) in permanent posts, currently being working in non art related jobs, would like to eventually land a dream work where I will get to do that what I love and continue to improve and hone my skills and learn new things everyday=Work in Art Field

I am considering any kind of jobs, having tried my hands on almost anything: inking, coloring even penciling comic pages, illustration, portraits, landscapes various media such as digital (Photoshop, Illustration, Painter...)oilpainting, watercolorpainting, chargoal, pencil, crayons, black ink, lipstick...

Dont feel reluctant to contact me in any post you have and need to be filled

I will take up any posts that pays reasonably.

Feel free to browse my sketchbook to see my style of drawing (click the signature) and here is my current website (rough version of it, mind me)

Art of Lil Tit