Okay, I don't knwo if this is the right place t post this, but here it goes!
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bluedoorhouse is hosting a competition to see who can draw the best picture of what the Master Chief from Halo looks like with his helmet off!

That's right! Draw what you think the Master Chief's face looks like. Later, we'll all take a vote on who's seemed to portray his character the best!

What does the winner get? Well, really this is more just for fun, but you will be featured on bluedoorhouse's company website as winner of the competition (along with the 2nd and 3rd place finalists), you'll have bragging rights, but really this is just to see how differently we might see the Master Chief as.

The deadline for all pictures is MONDAY, JANUARY 16th, 2005. Please post links or the pictures themselves. If you need image hosting simply let us know at bluedoorhouse@gmail.com

If you haveany questions, then just email us or ask us in this thread!

Good luck everyone!

~ house admin