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    Please join us for the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show

    Please join us for the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show
    Atlanta, GA
    August 29 – Sept. 1, 2003

    Calling all science fiction, fantasy, horror, media, and astronomical artists and fans!

    We would like to cordially invite you to be a part of the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show. The Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show is a very large and diverse event. It is a very active and exciting function. Art is all about capturing new ideas in one form or another. It's about doing something none has ever done before. One of our goals is to make every attendee that visits the art show say "WOW, I never thought of that before!"
    Here's another point. Art is the beginning of many of the creations you as a sci-fi, fantasy, horror, space fan have come to love and cherish over the years. Many of the game developers, writers, movie directors and other creators were in one way or another inspired by the type of art work we have in our art show. Your active participation in the art show helps to start a new wave of creativity for future works.

    The Dragon*Con 2002 Art Show was a huge success. The Art Show sold out over 2 months before the start of the convention. We had some amazing pieces from 185 artists from around the world. Artists from all over the world displayed artwork, elevating it to world-class status. The main Art Show was in a 16,500 sq. ft chandeliered ballroom. The Art Show programming did very well. In a room that seats 70 people; we had 28 different Art Show program items. From live demos to hands on participation people were captivated with what they saw. Many of the program events filled to capacity even before the events started.Another Art Show program event was the second annual Iron Artist. This was held in a large meeting room at the Hyatt, which seats close to 1,400 people. Iron Artist is based on the popular TV show Iron Chef. Kevin Murphy and Michael J. Nelson from Mystery Science Theater 3000 hosted the show. The Iron Artist this year was Don Maitz and the challenger was Joe Michael Linsner creator of the Dawn comic. The artists were given one hour, oil pastels, colored pencils, and 24" x 36" shadowbox to create something. In the end, Iron Artist Don Maitz won.

    Now let's look at what's inside the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show.

    The Art Gallery
    In the main art show room (Imperial Ballroom) the majority of the space is used by the art gallery. The art gallery consists of all the hanging panels (over 400), 3-D free standing art in the middle of the room, and all tables not in one of the artist bazaars along the perimeter walls. Please don't feel rushed. Take the time to look at each piece. All artwork will have a piece ID sheet with prices and places to write bids.

    The Print Shop :
    Adjacent to the art gallery is the print shop featuring limited edition prints from artists in the show. These items are available for the marked price.

    DIGITAL ART Department: To present art in all it's native forms, we created the Digital Art department. Digital art has literally exploded in recent years. And, unlike most traditional mediums, digital art can look like almost any other medium so most people aren't even aware of the digital nature of the art they are currently enjoying in their every day life. This new medium is so pervasive, in fact, that much of the artwork in movies, on book covers, and on TV., is digital! In the Dragon*Con Digital art Department artwork can be animation as well as still artwork. At the show, computer stations will be located in the main Art Show ballroom. Some of these stations will carry work that can be purchased via print, and one station will just show "display only" work. We will have catalogs next to the display computers so attendees can browse through the work that can be purchased. If an attendee wants to purchase a print of one of the images in the show, they can have it printed "on demand," by an on-site, professional printer and even have a selection of not only image size, but print type: watercolor paper base, or canvas in either loose or stretch frame-mounted form. (Stretched frame-mounted--Not to be confused with 'framed' the canvas is stretched on a frame and stapled taught, as opposed to framed with glass and ready to hang.)

    The Artists Bazaar :
    The Artists Bazaar is a special area for artists to present merchandise related to their art and is located in the main art exhibition room. The pieces range from unusual and exotic original jewelry to hand-thrown prints. The artists themselves will present these and will even personalize many items for you. Because of the popularity of the bazaar we will have two: Artist Bazaar North and Artist Bazaar South. Both are located in the Imperial Ballroom at each end of the room.

    Art Show Programming :
    You want to learn how they make these wonderful creations. How about watching artists in drawing contests? If your an artist, you can also learn many tips and tricks to help improve and market your art. The art show programming has a huge variety of items for both the attendee and the artist. The programming is located in the Consulate room next to the Imperial Ballroom.

    We are planning many exciting events for the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show including the 3rd annual Iron Artist contest, a large canvas that all the artists can work on (which will be sold at auction), an art salon, artists making art with live models, live music, demos, how-to’s, and other wonderful events. We will be hosting our annual artists reception on Friday night of the convention. Panel discussions and demonstrations are very important to the Art Show as well. The programming room for all Art Show programs is next to the main entrance of the Art Show. This location puts the Art Show programming room near the middle of the main convention level for all convention attendees to see while keeping an intimate environment inside. This will almost certainly guarantee high attendance to every program event.

    New student section! In keeping with the desire to help nurture new young talent we are adding a student section to the Art Show. Students are considered to be those individuals who are high school or college level that are art students or have an art focus. Student and amateur are different status levels of artists. Please see the rules for all the details about the new student section.

    We will be announcing many items about the Dragon*Con 2003 Art Show in the next few months. Please check the Dragon*Con web site at

    and the Sci-fi / Fantasy / Horror / Space Art Shows Yahoo group at

    for all the announcements about the Art Show.

    We hope you will decide to join us for the excitement at Dragon*Con 2003. The 2003 Art Show is shaping up to be the most exciting show yet, and one you really don’t want to miss!

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    Wow, I am honored. A show named after me! If it wasnt like 12 hours away, I would definately go!

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