Sketchbook: Daz's Sketchbook- "Nude women! Clowns welcome! Nude women!"
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Thread: Daz's Sketchbook- "Nude women! Clowns welcome! Nude women!"

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    Daz's Sketchbook- "Nude women! Clowns welcome! Nude women!"

    Howdy all!

    I'm "Daz" from Doncaster. I'm currently a Student, but I'm hoping to make a living at this after my course ends this July. I've been lurking for about a month now, and have finally gotten the nerve up to post some of my work (providing I've managed to figure out image hosting )

    Although I feel completely in awe of some of the stuff I've seen here, I'm intending to join in with some of the "Daily Sketch Group" and "... Of the week" activities, and hopefully I'll be able to raise my game enough to earn my place here.

    Any comments, feedback, advice, tips, help and general supportive nurturing words are all welcome.



    Environment sketch and Storyboards for a "Horror Movie" Project (I must admit, I was a little inspired by Bengal's work when I did the Storyboards ;D )

    Sketch and Pre-Production Paintings for a "Mech Warrior" style game Project

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