I need care

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Thread: I need care

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    I need care

    Hi. Well, Im wondering: will companies hire guys from other countries? Im from Serbia, so do I have any chances? And what will be if they call me, and when I come, they say: Soory, we are hired another artist, so I just will waisting money on trip...
    Do I have some Law care?
    Also, do I have to know english perfectly?

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    well, as far as comics... (from a fanboy)

    hi. i know nothin about nothing. and i don't even know what kind of companies you mean. but i do know a little bit about comics, from a reader-perspective, and i know that there are currently a number of very talented folks from the balkans dominating the american comics market, and they've been a presence for a while, particularly some folks from croatia, which i believe is very close to you.

    in particular, writer darko maccan, the late artist edvic biukovic, the currently hot igor kordey and daniel zezelj, all were balkans, and all have been able to do very well for themselves. so if they could do it i'm sure you could do. i read a forward to a grendel book that maccan wrote in which the editor said he had gotten a submission from him from croatia and had been dealing with him over the phone.

    also, there's currently an influx of south american comics artists in the american field, who work from south america and have limited english-language experience/work with translators. the most notable of them, in my opinion, would be eduardo risso, the artist on DC 100 Bullets and other titles. he is fantastic and you'd never know the guy doesn't speak english.

    any of their websites would be good to visit for info, and maybe contacting them and asking them for tips/advice would be cool, too. as would the darkhorse.com message baords, where some professionals and editors hang out. (they've dealt with maccan and others.)

    anyway, don't know if that was helpful. good luck. peace.

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