Mini Cooper - Like it??

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    Red face Mini Cooper - Like it??

    Sorry for posting that big image, im new here, here it is now, not so big
    Did it Today in 1 hour, used illustrator cs2 and added the motion and some highlights in photoshop, hope u guys like it, it was just meant to be a quick sketch. Thanks. Fell free to criticize, its allways good to improve.

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    First thing, the image is impossibly huge, secondly, if it is a quick sketch then it surely does not belong here, since this is the finally finished section. I believe you need to read the FAQs more closely before posting anything.

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    Not a bad start. The photoshop effects are actually hurting your image more then they are helping. It looks like you just smeared stuff around in random directions. The front of the car isn't bad but pay attention to your refrences for the rest. The wheels lack detail and the elipses are off. Before you start working in illustrator, it may help to do a 2 point perspective drawing and figure out how your car should look. The tire closest to us looks higher then the others and if you had done it in perspective, this wouldn't be a problem. A common beginner mistake is to go into the computer too quickly and bypass the (boring) pencil sketching you would normally do. Illustrator is far from an intuitaive program and most professionals probably wouldn't start the process without at least a rough sketch.

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    Ironic for me since the pencil sketching is the best part for me... well I don't now how to use photoshop very well or painter at all

    mmm... tastes like chicken.
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    Thanks for critizicing my work, ill try to do better next time

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