Well this would be the first time I have posted here, so the first thing to do will be to give you a link to our website at


About us:
We are a small team working on a Massive Multiplayer Online Roleplaying Game (MMORPG). Currently, we are a non-funded company, and we are working on creating a team to help us create a prototype/demo to achieve funding. We have teamed up with Vognesvit a 3rd party company located in Ukraine who has experience with inside the game industry. More information is available on request.

What we are looking for:
Mainly we are looking for art either to be done remotely or onsite. We are also located in the Greater Toronto Area, so individuals in that area will gain preferance over others. As well students are more then welcome to join. For submissions we are looking for either online portfolios, pictures, movies, drawings, 3d models that you have created. We are also accepting cds,dvds, vhs demo if you would like to mail them to us you can find our address on our website. We are mostly looking for people who have a good understanding and skills in photoshop, 3ds max, drawing skills, creation of concept, and any other skills that you may have. You can email us at jobs@howlingmoongames.com or you can chat with Lee Ing on msn at

Concept artists
Currently, we already have some concept art being created, but with the amount needed it would be very beneficial to have more concept artists. You must have skills in drawing or painting and as a plus knowledge of photoshop. The person must provide proof with showing some concept sketches of either characters, environments, or other material to showcase there skills.

Character Artists
We are mostly looking for people who have a knowledge of 3ds max and can take concept sketches and create them into full 3d models. Knowledge of 3ds max is key for this role and you should also have a good understanding of photoshop.

map artists
This person should be able to create in-game maps similar to what you would find in a book like Lord of the Rings, and games like World of Warcraft. This person will need to be in direct contact with the design team to outline key areas that will be showcased throughout the game.

environment artists
Environment artists will be able to create many different environments including snow fields all the way to futuristic industrial areas. This will be a main role and you must be able to create buildings and other type of environments.

icon artists
Right now, we are mostly not looking for an icon artists, but if you have the skills we will consider you for sure. The icon artists will create small 2d images of items, emotes, smile faces, and much more for our game. Knowledge of photoshop is a main factor in this position.

junior artists
This is basically any student or young person interested in trying to help out with art in any way or form. You must be able to showcase your skills and willing to learn new talents.

level layout artists

Level layout artists are similar to concept artists and they help layout and define how areas in the game will develop.

We are also looking for a lead programmer and other game designers to help out as well. If your interested for any of the roles please email us at jobs@howlingmoongames.com and put the position you are interested in the subject title. Also, you can apply for as many areas that you think define your skills best, students are more then welcome to apply.

Lee Ing
Howling Moon Designs